Permalink LIVE DAY 71 #Israel #Palestine

- Israel says it mistakenly killed three hostages in northern Gaza
- Over 19,000 killed in Gaza and West Bank
- US asks Israel to switch to 'low intensity' offensive
APPLICATION INSTITUTING PROCEEDINGS (.pdf)(84 pages) Press Release (.pdf)

Permalink Three Israeli captives killed by IOF were holding white flags

An unnamed official claims that a soldier saw them tens of meters away, even holding a white flag each, and 'felt threatened' so he opened fire. | An initial inquiry, as cited by an IOF official, shows that the three Israeli captives killed "mistakenly" in Gaza by the IOF were holding up a white flag.  According to the unnamed official, it occurred in an area of intense combat where he alleged the Palestinian Resistance used deceptive strategies and explained that an IOF soldier saw the captive settlers emerging tens of meters away in Al-Shujaiya. 💬 "They're all without shirts, and they have a stick with a white cloth on it. The soldier feels threatened and opens fire. He declares that they're terrorists, they (forces) open fire, two are killed immediately," the official said, adding that the third captive was wounded and went back into a nearby building to call for help in Hebrew. "Immediately the battalion commander issues a ceasefire order, but again there's another burst of fire towards the third figure, and he also dies," the official noted, claiming that "This was against our rules of engagement".

Protests rock Tel Aviv after Israel admits killing own people in Gaza (PressTV)
"Palestinian Terror Operative" Means Anyone Still Alive (Moon of Alabama)
Israeli forces bulldoze Palestinian tents, crushing people alive (Middle East Eye)
'Israel' commits new massacre in Jabalia, dozens martyred across Gaza (Al Mayadeen)

Permalink Ukraine issues arrest warrant for Orthodox Christian leader

A spokesman for the Russian church branded the move “lawless” and an “attempt to intimidate parishioners” | Patriarch Kirill, the head of the Russian Orthodox Church, has been put on a criminal wanted list by Ukraine’s Interior Ministry. The document identified the Patriarch by his secular name and described him as “an individual hiding from the bodies of pre-trial investigation” and deemed him responsible for violating Ukraine’s territorial integrity and sovereignty.  The head of Russia's Investigative Committee, Alexander Bastrykin, said that a criminal case had been opened following the announcement and that measures will be taken to identify the Ukrainian special service officials who are seeking to prosecute the head of the Russian Orthodox Church.  Patriarch Kirill has repeatedly called on his parishioners to support the participants of Russia’s military operation against Ukraine, who were “sacrificing their lives to protect our Orthodox people in the Donbas.”

Permalink 70% Of Deaths From Pfizer Vaccine In Japan Reported Within 10 Days Of Jab

A new study published in the Cureus journal on December 7 found that 70% of deaths from the Pfizer vaccine in Japan were reported within 10 days of the jab. | A recent study found that in Japan, around 70% of individuals who died after getting the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine passed away within the first 10 days of the injection.  The peer-reviewed Japanese study examined the relationship between the Pfizer COVID-19 immunization and mortality within ten days of vaccination, and it was published in the Cureus journal on December 7. With Day 1 serving as the vaccination date, the risk period was defined as the first 10 days following vaccination, and the control period as the next 11 to 180 days following immunization.  Two groups were included in the analysis: Group 1 consisted of adults 65 years of age and older, while Group 2 included people 64 years of age and younger.

Permalink Nobel Prize for Making Possible the Genetic Lobotomy of a Large Part of the World's Population

The German newspaper "Handelsblatt" reported on October 2nd that the mRNA COVID "vaccine" was awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine in order to convince reluctant people to undergo this experimental gene therapy treatment, which I call "spiking" for short. | So now, the Nobel Prize in Medicine awarding institution hopes that the prize will increase the confidence of those hesitant about the Corona vaccines and ultimately increase the number of people undergoing a personality-altering "psychosurgical procedure," just as before. This time, the process is genetically engineered and therefore more subtle, but no less fatal, especially considering its global reach. As a final quote from my book: 💬 It is imperative to convey that we're all facing the grave and imminent danger of living under totalitarian conditions after the [Great Reset] is completed, or being ruled by humans and their machine and digital henchmen who have literally stepped over corpses and will most likely continue to do so to gain or retain power.  Assuming that each individual [conscious mind] can inform or convince merely one or two other people in his or her own environment, the tide is shifting rapidly in our favor.

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