Permalink Ukrainian soldiers ordered into ‘suicide missions’ – NYT

Waves of Kiev’s troops have reportedly been cut down in “futile” attempts to cross the Dnieper River in Kherson | Ukrainian marines are reportedly frustrated over the orders they are being given to launch wave after wave of suicidal attacks across the Dnieper River in southern Kherson Region, resulting in heavy casualties that belie the claims made by government officials.  Conditions are so difficult – and so contrary to the optimistic statements made by President Vladimir Zelensky and other Ukrainian leaders – that half a dozen of the men involved in the fighting along the Dnieper River agreed to tell their stories to the New York Times. “It’s not even a fight for survival,” one of the soldiers said in an article published on Saturday. “It’s a suicide mission.”  The newspaper described the cross-river attacks as “brutalizing and futile.” Ukrainian troops are being struck down on the riverbanks or in the water, even before they reach the other side. Although commanders declined most media requests to visit troops in the region, drone footage of the area verified the accounts of the troops who were interviewed, the US media outlet said.

UK contemplating sending troops to Ukraine – ex-ambassador (RT.com)


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