Permalink The War in Gaza: It's Not About Hamas. It's About Demographics

Mike Whitney | We’ve been told repeatedly that the goal of Israel’s operation in Gaza is to “defeat Hamas”. But is that true? We don’t think it is. | The real objectives relate to an issue that is never discussed in the media, but is the primary factor driving events. Demographics. As we all know, Israel’s long-term plan is to incorporate Gaza and the West Bank into Greater Israel. They want to control all the land from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea. The problem is, however, that if they annex the occupied territories without disposing of the people, then the Palestinian population will equal or exceed that of the Jews which would lead to the demise of the Jewish state. That is the basic problem in a nutshell.

Israeli sniper kills in 'cold blood' mother, daughter in Gaza church (PressTV)
"Palestinian Terror Operative" Means Anyone Still Alive (Moon of Alabama)
Israeli forces bulldoze Palestinian tents, crushing people alive (Middle East Eye)
'Israel' commits new massacre in Jabalia, dozens martyred across Gaza (Al Mayadeen)
Watch: Israeli children sing, “We will annihilate everyone” in Gaza (11/21/23)
Death and Destruction in Gaza (John J. Mearsheimer)


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