Seymour Hersh | The Biden administration has acknowledged neither its responsibility for the pipeline bombing nor the purpose of the sabotage | I do not know much about covert CIA operations—no outsider can—but I do understand that the essential component of all successful missions is total deniability. The American men and women who moved, under cover, in and out of Norway in the months it took to plan and carry out the destruction of three of the four Nord Stream pipelines in the Baltic Sea a year ago left no traces—not a hint of the team’s existence—other than the success of their mission.  Deniability, as an option for President Joe Biden and his foreign policy advisers, was paramount. No significant information about the mission was put on a computer, but instead typed on a Royal or perhaps a Smith Corona typewriter with a carbon copy or two, as if the Internet and the rest of the online world had yet to be invented. The White House was isolated from the goings-on near Oslo; various reports and updates from the field were directly provided to CIA Director Bill Burns, who was the only link between the planners and the president who authorized the mission to take place on September 26, 2022. Once the mission was completed, the typed papers and carbons were destroyed, thus leaving no physical trace—no evidence to be dug up later by a special prosecutor or a presidential historian. You could call it the perfect crime.

Nord Stream Blast: Why the West Still Can't Name the Culprit (09/26/23)

Permalink Katherine Watt: On the European Union lawmaking process

The Monster *really* wants its victims to believe the core lie: that all Monster acts and programs are legitimate, benevolent and supported by morally-sound treaties, laws and other legal instruments. | Katherine Watt | Feb. 15, 2023 - European Commission regulations implementing the global pharma-military kill box:

The EU provisions correspond with the US provisions related to “medical countermeasures” and establishment of home- and business-based concentration camps (prohibition of free human association, commerce and movement within countries and across borders) in case of “natural or man-made disaster.
To recap, the American biomedical police state — controlled by the World Health Organization operating as the military branch of the Bank for International Settlements — came into force through statutes passed by the US Congress; executive orders issued by US Presidents; administrative/Cabinet agency regulations published in the Federal Register; and state and local versions of same. See footnoted executive summary of American Domestic Bioterrorism Program.
The European biomedical police state came into force through analogous regulations passed by the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union, published in the Official Journal of the European Union.”

[...] I’ve been reading more on European Union law and lawmaking procedures in recent weeks, ahead of the Oct. 4, 2023 event in Reykjavik, Iceland: My basic understanding from that reading, is that Christine Anderson and the other Members of the European Parliament (MEP) have no authority to draft and introduce new laws or bills to repeal existing laws, under the terms of the many treaties that created and amended the legal relationships between the European Commission, European Council, Council of the European Union, European Parliament (four of the seven institutions of the European Union), the National Parliaments of member-states and individual men, women and children who live in EU member-states. This lines up with what former Italian Prime Minister Giuliano Amato stated in 2003 as he and other Satanic technocrats were working on a European Constitution:

💬 [Giuliano Amato:] “The [European] Commission in Brussels, for example, must act as if it were a technical organism, in order to operate like a government...and so on, camouflaging and toning down. The sovereignty lost at a national level does not pass to any new subject. It is entrusted to a faceless entity: NATO, the UN and eventually the EU.”

[...] There is no mechanism by which MEPs can change the EU system from within. They can only publicly invoke a massive crisis of legitimacy to reveal the Monster’s core lies to more people.

On enforcement mechanisms wielded against non-compliant nation-states (Katherine Watt)

Permalink History of Fascism in Ukraine Part III: 1944-1963 UPA War, Ratlines, and the Assassination of Stepan Bandera

Hugo Turner | Ukraine was merely the biggest of these Western backed covert wars that are usually completely ignored by mainstream accounts of the Cold War. | This article will tell the story of these early Cold War years. It will cover the UPA war, the ratlines and the resettling of 120,000 Ukrainian fascists around the globe. It will discuss riots, torture and assassination the OUN/B conducted in displaced person camps and prisons. It will discuss the OUN/B in exile and its split into two factions: the MI6 and Gehlen backed Zch OUN led by Stepan Bandera and Stetsko and the CIA backed ZP UHVR led by Mykola Lebed. It will cover the OUN/B and MI6 creation of the largest fascist umbrella group of the postwar years the Anti-Bolshevik Bloc of Nations or ABN which united escaped fascist war criminals from across Eastern and Central Europe. The ABN would form close ties with the Asian People’s Anti-Communist League and the two would eventually launch the World Anti-Communist League. Finally it will discuss the assassination of Stepan Bandera.  I recommend you read parts one and two for a detailed account of the origins of the OUN and its role in helping the Nazis murder masses of Slavs and Jews during World War 2. However, I will attempt a recap along with new details discovered in my many months of research over the last year.

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