Permalink Libyan flood survivor recounts horror in Derna after dams burst

Death toll 'huge': Red Cross | As two dams collapsed and stormwaters tore through the streets of the Libyan city of Derna, carrying bodies and buildings with them, Ruba Hatem Yassine, her pregnant sister, and several older relatives clambered up a neighbor’s ladder to the roof to flee the grasp of the rushing flood below. From there, they scampered from rooftop to rooftop along their narrow street, Yassine, 24, recounted Wednesday, two days after her terrifying ordeal. Eventually, they sought shelter in a small storage unit on one of the rooftops and watched for hours as the water overwhelmed the city. They could hear their neighbors — trapped in half-destroyed homes by rising water or under rubble — screaming, "Save us, save us,” Yassine said, speaking by phone from a friend’s home in the nearby town of Marj. Once the floodwaters had somewhat subsided, other survivors helped her family of nine come down from the roof to safety. They waded through the knee-deep water, leaving everything behind.

Fears mount of surging death toll in Libya flood disaster (The Straits Times)
10,000 missing in Libya storm floods, death toll 'huge': Red Cross (09/12/23)

Permalink He would kill pro-Russian journalists for "God's ... and total liberation."

American transsexual "Sarah" Ashton-Cirillo, currently a spokesman for Ukraine's Territorial Defense Forces, said he would kill pro-Russian journalists for "God's ... and total liberation." | Zombie apocalypse. Let's circulate this further proof of the terrorist nature of the Kyiv regime and its sponsorship by Washington to all international organizations and NGOs. (T: DeepL.com)

Kyiv’s trans spokesman vows to ‘hunt down Russian propagandists’ (RT.com)

Permalink EU states tell Zelensky they won’t hand over draft dodgers

Four countries so far have refused to round up male refugees from Ukraine | The Czech Republic announced on Wednesday that it would not send military-age men who arrived as refugees back to Ukraine to be conscripted. Germany, Austria and Hungary have already made similar declarations.  European conventions exclude extradition for charges such as desertion or draft evasion, Czech Justice Ministry spokesman Vladimir Repka told the outlet iDnes. However, he added that if Ukraine files individual extradition requests citing a specific criminal act they may have committed, Prague may give them more consideration. Hungary has ruled out any extraditions outright. [...] Poland has already begun sending some Ukrainian men back, according to Hungarian media reports.

Permalink Kim invited Putin to visit North Korea

"Voice of Korea" reports that the Russian President "accepted the invitation" | North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has invited Russian President Vladimir Putin to visit North Korea, Voice of Korea, a North Korean international broadcasting service, said on Thursday.  "After the dinner, dear comrade Kim Jong Un cordially invited President Putin to visit the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea at any convenient time," it said, adding that Putin "accepted the invitation."  Russian presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov said earlier that the issue of Putin’s return visit to North Korea was not on the agenda.  Russian President Vladimir Putin and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un held a more than five-hour-long meeting at the Vostochny Spaceport on Wednesday, their first summit in four years. Both leaders held talks with the participation of delegations from the two countries as well as in the one-on-one format. The agenda of the talks included issues of economic and humanitarian cooperation, the situation in the region as well as many other topics. The two leaders continued communication at the official dinner.

Colossal Russia-North Korea deal for millions of shells and ammunition - Putin's mate move in Ukraine
President Putin Hosts Reception in Welcome of Respected Comrade Kim Jong Un (KCNA)
New Milestone for Development of DPRK-Russia Relations (KCNA)
Russia, North Korea strengthen friendship, promote peace, prosperity in region — Putin (TASS)
How Putin and Kim Throw Down a Challenge to US Hegemony (Sputnik News)
Putin, Kim Jong Un meet at Vostochny space launch facility (09/13/23)

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