Permalink Pettiness On Steroids: Germans ‘seizing’ Russian Cars

Berlin cites sanctions in order to justify the confiscation of vehicles owned by ordinary people | The Russian Embassy in Berlin has warned its citizens against bringing their cars into Germany, citing the instances of confiscation of vehicles with Russian license plates.💬 “We continue to note that German customs authorities are occasionally seizing private vehicles that were registered as property of Russian nationals and temporarily imported into Germany for personal use or transit purposes,” the embassy wrote in a statement on Telegram on Monday. It added that Moscow had repeatedly lodged protests over the measure, but to no avail. “Until the situation is clarified, Russian nationals are strongly advised against importing vehicles with Russian license plates into Germany,” the embassy wrote.

Permalink PSYOP-19 Blowback: US Suicides Hit an All-Time High Last Year

PSYOP-19 Blowback: US Suicides Hit an All-Time High Last Year | In Pfizer’s data one of the listed DEATHVAX™ side effects was suicide. During the first year of the “pandemic,” The Center for Disease Crimes (CDC) claimed that suicides decreased. [...] According to an article by AP, around 49,500 people committed suicide last year in the U.S. That is the highest number ever, according to the latest government data. [...] The reason this article was especially difficult to write is because my dear friend committed suicide this past Saturday.

PSYOP-23 Rising: Mockingbird MSM Activated For Followup "Pandemic"
PSYOP-23 Rising: Mk Ultra Masking IS Effective (At Mind Control)

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