Permalink 10,000 missing in Libya storm floods, death toll 'huge': Red Cross

The death toll from freak floods in eastern Libya is expected to soar dramatically, with 10,000 people reported missing, the Red Cross warned on Tuesday. | Officials in Libya have said at least 150 people were killed in the flooding in Libya after storm Daniel swept the Mediterranean, lashing Turkey, Bulgaria and Greece. But Tamer Ramadan of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies said the actual toll was likely many times higher. 💬 "Our teams on the ground are still doing their assessment, (but) from what we see and from the news coming to us, the death toll is huge," he told reporters in Geneva via video link from Tunis. "It might reach to the thousands." "We don't have a definite number right now," he said, stressing though that the organisation had independent sources saying "the number of missing people is hitting 10,000 persons so far."  Speaking on Libyan network Almasar, Oussama Hamad, prime minister of the east-based government, has reported "more than 2,000 dead and thousands missing" in the city of Derna alone, but no medical sources or emergency services have confirmed such figures.

Permalink Putin: British trained AFU saboteurs to attack nuclear facility in Russia

Alexei Komolov | According to Putin, the DRG from Ukraine was to blow up a power line and this is not the first such attempt. Under interrogation, the saboteurs admitted that they were trained by instructors from the UK, the president said. Putin expressed doubts that the British leadership understands the responsibility for training the saboteurs. 💬 "Do they even realize what they are playing with or not? What, are they provoking us to some kind of retaliatory actions on Ukrainian nuclear facilities, nuclear power plants?" Those who "do not feel the edges" [may] reap "serious consequences," he concluded. Earlier, Ukraine admitted that the Shaman battalion, considered a special unit of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry's Main Intelligence Directorate (GUR), was involved in sabotage activities on Russian territory.  The Main Directorate of Intelligence of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry is behind a number of terrorist attacks in Russia. Thus, the head of the department, Kirill Budanov, noted that it was the GUR responsible for assassination attempts on prominent Russians. Budanov himself was arrested in absentia in Russia and charged under part 1 of Article 205.4 (creation of a terrorist community). (Translation: DeepL.com + Proofreading: grammarly.com)

Ukrainians Caught Trying to Sabotage Russian Nuke Plant; Putin says "Trained by British" (Hal Turner)
Blinken OKs Attacks on Russia With US Missiles (antiwar.com)

Permalink Kim Jong-un arrives in Russia

The North Korean leader will meet with President Vladimir Putin to discuss a number of “sensitive issues,” the Kremlin has said | The armored train carrying North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has crossed into Russian territory ahead of the summit with President Vladimir Putin, Kremlin Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov confirmed in the early hours of Tuesday.  Earlier in the day, Kyodo news agency quoted local Russian sources as saying that Kim’s train was heading north along the coast after stopping at the Khasan railway station on the North Korean-Russian border. Later, RIA Novosti reported that he crossed the Razdolnaya River, not far from Vladivostok.  Vladimir Putin arrived in Vladivostok on Monday on a two-day visit to attend the Eastern Economic Forum.

N Korea's Kim in Russia for Putin talks as US warns on arms deal (Hürriyet Daily News)
Kim Jong Un leaves Pyongyang on special train for visit to Russia (TASS)
LIVE UPDATES: Far East, Russia's New Weapons and Economy of The Future - Putin at EEF 2023 (Sputnik News)

Permalink Kim Jong Un leaves Pyongyang on special train for visit to Russia

It is stressed that he will be accompanied by North Korea’s high-ranking party, government and military officials on his trip | North Korea’s Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un left Pyongyang on a special train in the late afternoon on September 10 for a visit to Russia, the Voice of Korea radio station reported.  It is stressed that he will be accompanied by North Korea’s high-ranking party, government and military officials on his trip.  According to photographs published by the Korean Central News Agency, among others, the special train was boarded by Ri Pyong-chol, vice chairman of the Central Military Commission of the Workers' Party of Korea, and Pak Jong-chon, head of the Workers’ Party of Korea military directorate. That said, members of the delegation have not been officially announced.  On September 11, Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that a meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un would take place shortly. The Korean Central News Agency has also announced the North Korean leader’s upcoming visit to Russia.

Permalink Zelensky Threatens Europe With Terror if Ukraine Loses the War

Ukraine’s president fears that some of his country’s Western backers are losing faith | Curtailing aid to Ukraine will only prolong the war, Mr Zelensky argues. And it would create risks for the West in its own backyard. There is no way of predicting how the millions of Ukrainian refugees in European countries would react to their country being abandoned. Ukrainians have generally “behaved well” and are “very grateful” to those who sheltered them. They will not forget that generosity. But it would not be a “good story” for Europe if it were to “drive these people into a corner”. [...] Meanwhile, a long war of attrition would mean a fork in the road for Ukraine. The country would lose even more people, both on the front lines and to emigration. It would require a “totally militarised economy”. The government would have to put that prospect to its citizens, Mr Zelensky says, without specifying how; a new social contract could not be the decision of one person. Almost 19 months into the war, the president says he is “morally” ready for the switch. But he will only broach the idea with his people if the weakness in the eyes of his Western backers becomes a “trend”. Has that moment come?

Inside Ukraine’s assassination programme (The Economist)
Zelenskyy Says Post-war Ukraine Will Emulate Israel, Won’t Be ‘Liberal, European’ (Ha'Aretz)

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