Permalink Putin, Kim Jong Un meet at Vostochny space launch facility

According to a TASS correspondent, the two leaders had a brief conversation when they met each other. Russian President Vladimir Putin arrived at the Vostochny space launch facility in Russia’s Far Eastern Amur Region on Wednesday, after taking part in the Eastern Economic Forum (EEF) in Vladivostok.

  Putin announced plans to visit the space center during the plenary session of the EEF. However, he gave no further details about the trip.

  The New York Times cited sources among US officials and their allies as saying that the North Korean leader plans to visit Russia this month. According to the newspaper, North Korea’s Kim may meet with Putin in Vladivostok in Russia’s Far East in mid-September. NYT sources also say that Kim may visit Moscow and the Vostochny spaceport.

Владимир Путин показал Ким Чен Ыну российский космодром "Восточный" (RG.ru)
WATCH Kim Jong-un tours Russia’s Vostochny Cosmodrome (RT.com)
LIVE UPDATES: Putin Meets with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un (Sputnik News)
Russia fighting sacred fight, DPRK supports every decision Putin makes — North Korea’s Kim (TASS)
Kim Jong-un arrives in Russia (09/12/23)

Permalink Russia to Deliver Démarche to UK for Training Ukrainian Saboteurs

Moscow will deliver a démarche to London in connection with the information that the UK was engaged in training Ukrainian sabotage groups that planned attacks in Russia, said Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova when being interviewed by Sputnik. | On Tuesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that a Ukrainian sabotage group, which sought to blow up power lines in Russia and was captured, admitted that they were trained by instructors from the United Kingdom. 💬 "Yes, indeed, [Russia] will [deliver a demarche], as we did previously and continuously, and conveyed to London both through open channels, making it public, and through diplomatic channels, the inadmissibility of participating in such activities," Zakharova said on the sidelines of the Eastern Economic Forum (EEF) in Vladivostok.

Putin: British trained AFU saboteurs to attack nuclear facility in Russia (09/12/23)

Permalink EU is ‘racist’ against Russians – Moscow

Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova blasted the bloc’s decision to confiscate the personal possessions of arriving Russian tourists | The European Union’s ban on Russian nationals bringing personal items into the bloc has nothing to do with sanctions and is instead an expression of blatant racism by Western officials, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova has claimed.  Her comments come after Brussels explained on Friday that the sweeping sanctions imposed on trade with Russia over the conflict in Ukraine also extends to personal items such as phones, luggage, and even shampoo and toilet paper.  The European Commission urged EU operators to “assess and understand the possible risks of sanctions circumvention” and confiscate any such belongings when conducting customs checks. 💬 “Тhis is simply racism. This is not a policy of sanctions, this is not a question of creating some additional benefit for the sinking economy of the European Union. This is racism as it is,” Zakharova told TASS on the sidelines of the Eastern Economic Forum on Monday. “Now it is bursting out. Like an abscess that was not treated and which has simply become a fistula. This is a fistula of Western racism.”

Medvedev advocates pausing relations with EU in answer to ban on imports of personal items (TASS)
Russia tells citizens to avoid car travel to EU state (RT.com)(09/11/23)

Dmitry Medvedev | Well done EU leaders. Extremely honest Brussels bosses. They have told all Russians directly and without facetiousness: you are second-class people for us. Such Sharikovs, half-animals with bad heredity. As Bulgakov put it: "You stand in the lowest stage of development," Philip Philipovich shouted, "you are still only a forming, mentally weak creature, all your actions are purely animal. And this decision is clearly not a punishment for the "criminal aggressive regime in the Kremlin". It is a concrete spit in the face of every citizen of Russia.  What should we do about it? Certainly not to impose retaliatory restrictions on EU citizens. We are not racists, unlike many leaders of those countries whose relatives served in the SS. And those who come to us usually love and appreciate Russia.  It would be better to just suspend diplomatic relations with the EU for a while. And withdraw the diplomatic staff to our country. That's when the vain assholes in Brussels will collectively and thickly piss their pants (and skirts, of course). Because embassies are being evacuated before quite certain events. Who knows what else these orcs in cotton coats from boundless Mordor are capable of....(T: DeepL.com + P: grammarly.com)

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