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Maria Zakharova (Russian MFA) | What a strange position this is | Serbian Economy Minister Rade Basta: 💬 "Our country is already paying a high price for not imposing sanctions against Russia, and this is becoming unbearable. As Economy Minister, I cannot accept the pressure exerted on Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic, and we remain silent. For this reason, I [advocate] the imposition of sanctions against Russia, I support President Vucic in protecting state and national interests and I fully trust him. In this regard, I ask the Serbian Government and all ministers to speak on this issue." What a strange position this is: America is putting pressure on Serbia, and the Serbian minister is calling for action against Russia. Maybe it would be better for the Serbian minister to speak out decisively against pressure on his country? Russia, unlike the United States, has always respected Serbia and its people. And it's not just the historical truth, but the obvious fact: with the introduction of sanctions against Russia, the pressure of the United States on Serbia will not end, but will only increase. ((T)

Serbian party demands dismissal of minister who called for sanctions against Russia (TASS)


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