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Former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev reiterated Monday his country's threat of nuclear war if the West's supply of arms to Ukraine continues. | The warning in an op-ed piece in the state-run newspaper Izvestiya was the second time in three weeks the key aide to President Vladimir Putin has invoked the nuclear option in an effort to deter the U.S.-led NATO alliance from arming Ukraine. Medvedev, who was president from 2008 to 2012 and currently serves as the deputy chairman of the powerful Security Council of Russia, dangled the prospect of talks while demanding shipments of arms to Ukraine be halted immediately. Echoing comments by Putin yesterday Medvedev wrote that 💬 any existential threat to Russia would not be decided on the front in Ukraine, but would spiral into an existential threat to human civilization, repeating the refrain "we don't need a world without Russia."

Dmitry Medvedev: The Point of No Return (02/27/23)
Presidential Address to Federal Assembly (February 21st, 2023)
Ukraine ‘will burn’ if it strikes Crimea, ex-Russian president warns (02/05/23)

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Dmitry Medvedev (Дмитрий Медведев) | The Point of No Return | (Extract) The point of no return can be considered to be two dates, actually. The first one was in the autumn of 2008 when the Western world supported the aggression of Georgia against the Ossetian people and praised a jerk, a drug addict and adventurer who, was later rejected not only by his own country but also by another one, which he cowardly ran away from. The aggressor was then rebuffed swiftly and firmly.  The second turning point was the spring of 2014, when the people of Crimea expressed their will in a legal referendum, returning to their historic homeland forever. This provoked a frenzied, impotent hysteria in the Western world that lasts to this day. Their convulsions are fueled by caveman Russophobia and a desire to create a new Frankenstein in the form of Ukraine - a special "anti-Russia" that our president wrote about. What else is there to say? Only one thing: the wise forerunners of the present brainless western politicians spoke so: Deus quos vult perdere dementat prius - whom God wants to punish, He deprives of his mind first. It is this insane hysteria, the obsessive desire to tear our country apart, that eventually led to a special military operation.(MORE)(Translation: yandex.ru & DeepL.com)

Ex-Russian president warns of nuclear ‘apocalypse’ (RT.com)
West’s obsession with tearing Russia to pieces led to military operation — official (TASS)
Russia confronted with whole empire of diverse enemies, says Medvedev (02/25/23)
Fyodor Lukyanov: What Russia's suspension of the New START nuclear treaty means for the world (RT.com)

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Victoria Nuland says the US supports attacks on the peninsula | Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said Friday that Ukraine is preparing to launch attacks to recapture Crimea by forming new military units and sending troops to train in other countries. 💬 “There are military steps, and we are preparing for them. We are ready mentally. We are preparing technically: with weapons, reinforcements, the formation of brigades, in particular the assault brigades, of different categories and nature,” Zelensky said at a press conference, according to the Ukrainian news agency Ukrinform.  According to Ukrinform, Zelensky said Ukrainian troops were being sent to train in other countries to learn how to use new weapons. “We have to be ready. Then, there will be corresponding fair de-occupation steps and, God willing, they will be successful,” he added.  Zelensky and other top Ukrainian officials have maintained that kicking Russia out of Crimea is one of their war goals, but Russia controls a good portion of territory to the north of Crimea in the Kherson Oblast. The Pentagon has also assessed it’s unlikely Ukraine can take the peninsula, which Russia has controlled since 2014.

Ukraine ‘will burn’ if it strikes Crimea, ex-Russian president warns (02/05/23)

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Public fury over the gross negligence of Britain’s leadership means little to its leaders. | Unvetted illegal migrants, mostly from Africa and the Middle East (Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, Eritrea and Yemen), are being fast-tracked to receive full asylum, and thus to be allowed to settle permanently in Britain. After that, they’ll be permitted to “sponsor relatives to join them here.” The strength and future of any country depends on its inhabitants. The UK has flung open its doors to literally anyone without any due process. Among those entering the UK include hardcore criminals and jihadists. The miserable state of Sweden, which has also welcomed anyone and everyone, is the best example of where open-door immigration policies are leading the UK and other globalist countries.

These Numbers Are Incredible (Summit News VIDEO) (02/23/23)

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