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Dmitry Medvedev (Дмитрий Медведев) | The Point of No Return | (Extract) The point of no return can be considered to be two dates, actually. The first one was in the autumn of 2008 when the Western world supported the aggression of Georgia against the Ossetian people and praised a jerk, a drug addict and adventurer who, was later rejected not only by his own country but also by another one, which he cowardly ran away from. The aggressor was then rebuffed swiftly and firmly.  The second turning point was the spring of 2014, when the people of Crimea expressed their will in a legal referendum, returning to their historic homeland forever. This provoked a frenzied, impotent hysteria in the Western world that lasts to this day. Their convulsions are fueled by caveman Russophobia and a desire to create a new Frankenstein in the form of Ukraine - a special "anti-Russia" that our president wrote about. What else is there to say? Only one thing: the wise forerunners of the present brainless western politicians spoke so: Deus quos vult perdere dementat prius - whom God wants to punish, He deprives of his mind first. It is this insane hysteria, the obsessive desire to tear our country apart, that eventually led to a special military operation.(MORE)(Translation: yandex.ru & DeepL.com)

Ex-Russian president warns of nuclear ‘apocalypse’ (RT.com)
West’s obsession with tearing Russia to pieces led to military operation — official (TASS)
Russia confronted with whole empire of diverse enemies, says Medvedev (02/25/23)
Fyodor Lukyanov: What Russia's suspension of the New START nuclear treaty means for the world (RT.com)


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