Permalink LIVE UPDATES: Two Earthquakes Jolt Turkiye-Syria Border

The two countries are still reeling from a series of devastating earthquakes that occurred on February 6, killing tens of thousands of people, toppling buildings and trapping thousands under the rubble. | A 6.3-magnitude earthquake rocked the border between Turkiye and Syria on Monday, according to the European-Mediterranean Seismological Centre (EMSC).  The quake was recorded nine kilometers from the Turkish city of Antakya in Hatay province and 75 kilometers from Syria's Latakia. Meanwhile, Turkish media reported more destruction following the earthquake in Hatay, which had already been turned into rubble by the devastating quake that jolted the country on February 6. Shortly thereafter, Turkish disaster management agency AFAD reported a second earthquake in Hatay, this time of 5.8 magnitude.   Meanwhile, the EMSC suggests that aside from Turkiye and Syria, the quake was felt in Lebanon, Cyprus and Israel. On February 6, parts of Turkiye and Syria were hit by a series of powerful earthquakes and aftershocks that killed over 40,000 people. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that the earthquake became the deadliest in the nation's history.

Permalink Biden makes surprise visit to Kyiv ahead of one-year war anniversary

President Joe Biden arrived in Kyiv on Monday for a surprise visit to show solidarity with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky as the one-year anniversary of the Russian invasion approaches. (Ground News // Articles)

Permalink Kremlin responds to Crimea claim by ‘aggressive US hawk’

Washington’s support for Kiev’s strikes on the peninsula highlights its role in stoking global tensions, Putin’s spokesman said | US Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland said on Thursday that Russian military installations in Crimea “are legitimate targets” for Ukraine, and that Washington supports Kiev’s attacks on them. The peninsula overwhelmingly voted to become part of Russia in 2014 following a Western-backed coup in Kiev, but Ukraine still views it as part of its own territory. In an interview with the Rossiya-1 TV channel, Peskov described Nuland as part of 💬 “a very large group of the most aggressive hawks in American politics”. The spokesman said the diplomat’s remarks “once again emphasize the depth of differences between us” and highlight “the role of the United States as the main instigator of existing global tensions.”  On Friday, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova condemned Nuland’s statement on Crimea as 💬 “staggering” and “absurd,” calling it proof of “the US involvement in the Ukraine conflict.” In addition to supplying Kiev with weapons, the US is now “pushing the Kiev regime to further escalation,” she said. “This is what we had warned about before and what had forced us to launch a special military operation.”

Calling Crimea 'Legitimate Target' for Strikes Shows US as Instigator of Tensions, Kremlin Says (Sputnik News)

Permalink Finland Reverses Course, Says It Will Join NATO Without Sweden

Turkey has said it could approve Finland without Sweden | The comments came after Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Sweden wouldn’t receive support from Ankara over a Quran-burning protest that was held in front of the Turkish embassy in Turkey. Erdogan also said Turkey could approve Finland without Sweden. Finnish Defense Minister Mikko Savola told The Associated Press on the sidelines of the Munich Security Conference on Saturday that Finland would prefer to join NATO with Sweden but wouldn’t delay its membership if Turkey only approves Helskinki’s membership.  The change in position came just two weeks after Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin said her country wouldn’t join NATO without Sweden.  If Helsinki joins NATO without Stockholm, it would still significantly raise tensions with Moscow as Finland shares an over 800-mile border with Russia, and the Russian military plans to boost its presence in western Russia in response.

Poll reveals most Finns back joining NATO without Sweden (02/02/23)

Permalink 100 tons of humanitarian cargoes delivered by Russia to Syria

According to Russian defense ministry, 152 people received medical help from Russian and Belarusian military medics during the day | A total of 100 tons of humanitarian cargoes were delivered to earthquake-ravaged Syria from Russia during the past day, Oleg Gurinov, deputy chief of the Russian Center for Reconciliation of the Opposing Parties in Syria (a division of the Russian defense ministry), said on Sunday.  "During the day, Russia delivered 100 tons of humanitarian cargoes to Syria. In all, 389.8 tons have been delivered. Humanitarian operation were conducted in the settlements of al-Khazzania, Salhab, Khandeq al-Gharbi, Skalbia, and Hurad Ammurin in the Hama governorate, al-Arkhum Sakhur and Khalidiya in the Aleppo governorate. A total of 26.6 tons of food were distributed among residents," he said.  According to Gurinov, Russian and Belarusian military medics continue to offer medical services to Syrians hurt in the devastating earthquake in the field hospital. During the day, 152 people received medical help.

Israel Bombs Syria While Syrians Are Recovering From Earthquake Tragedy (02/19/23)
After the Earthquake and ISIS Massacring 58 Farmers; Israel Bombs Damascus (02/19/23)

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