Permalink New paper: An estimated 13 million people worldwide killed by the COVID vaccines

That's twice as many as were killed by the virus. In the US, the estimates are 670K Americans killed. Perhaps it's time to declare that the vaccines are a worldwide emergency? | Executive summary: The paper suggests you can take the number of vaccine doses delivered, divide by 1,000 to get an estimate of the number of people killed by the COVID vaccine.

13 MILLION were killed by the COVID-19 vaccines to date | In our new article, which will be posted this week, we estimate that ❗️13 MILLION❗️ were killed by the COVID-19 vaccines to date, worldwide.
The great majority old and frail.
The number for India alone is 3.7 million.
All-cause mortality is a powerful information source.

Here it is! The first rigorous vaccine toxicity measurements by age, goes exponential with age, >300K deaths USA, 13M deaths global. (Denis Rancourt)(Twitter)

Permalink Security Conference in Munich: Russia not participating for second year

The conference will start on Friday with a video address by Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky | The 59th forum will bring together several hundreds of politicians from around the world, heads of leading international organizations, representatives of business and scientific circles and experts from 96 countries. Russia has not been participating in the conference at the official level for the second consecutive year.  The decision not to invite officials from Russia has also been criticized in Germany. Gregor Gysi, the German Left Party’s foreign affairs spokesperson in the Bundestag, has slammed it as a lost opportunity to talk about the possible ceasefire in Ukraine. Organizers have not invited Iran’s leadership this year either, same as the Alternative for Germany party, which critically evaluates the policy of the country’s government, including on Russia. Sixteen years ago, in 2007, Russian President Vladimir Putin addressed the Munich Security Conference with a speech devoted to foreign policy that had an international resonance. The speech focused on the vision of Russia’s place and role in the world considering the reality and threats of the time and the unacceptability of unipolar model in the current policy. Putin pointed out then that unilateral, sometimes illegitimate actions had not solved a single problem, often generating new volatile areas though, whereas certain norms of some countries, first of all the US, crossed their borders. He noted that the international law should be universal. The Russian president also stressed the importance of a balance of interests in the security area, adding that the world could only develop on the basis of a multisided model. A whole number of experts share the view that many of Putin’s warnings come true nowadays.

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