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The Russian president has condemned Western tank deliveries to Ukraine, promising a response that goes beyond armored vehicles | Russian President Vladimir Putin has hit out at the looming deliveries of Western-made tanks to Ukraine, warning that Moscow’s response to the threat will span far beyond armored vehicles. The Russian leader made the comments during a ceremony to mark the 80th anniversary of victory at the Battle of Stalingrad. 💬 "Unbelievable, but true – we are once again threatened with German Leopard tanks, with crosses on their hull. And once again seeking to battle Russia in Ukraine with the help of Hitler’s followers, the Banderites. Those seeking to defeat Russia on the battlefield apparently do not realize that a modern war with Russia would be entirely different for them. We’re not sending our tanks to their borders. Yet we have something to respond with, and it would not be limited to armor use only, everyone must realize that,” he said.

Response to potential strikes ‘inside Russia’ to be hard, convincing — Medvedev (TASS)
Les 80 ans de la Victoire de Stalingrad : les leçons de l'histoire (Russie politics)

80th anniversary of victory in Battle of Stalingrad (President of Russia) | The Battle of Stalingrad (July 17, 1942 – February 2, 1943) went down in history as one of the longest WWII land battles, involving the highest number of troops. It marked a major turning point in the war and became a symbol of a moral victory over fascism. On February 2, commemorative events marking the 80th anniversary of Soviet troops defeating the Nazis in the Battle of Stalingrad are held throughout the country. Every year, the Volgograd Region becomes the centre of a national celebration. In 2011, the Battle of Stalingrad State Historical and Memorial Museum and Reserve was recognised as a particularly valuable cultural heritage site of the peoples of the Russian Federation.

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Maria Zakharova (Мария Захарова)(Russian MFA) | A picture is worth a thousand words: This was taken during a torch march in the Estonian city of Tartu on 2 February 2023, organised by the Estonian Conservative People's Party (EKRE) on the occasion of the 103rd anniversary of the Peace of Tartu. These "activists" regularly take part in events celebrating Waffen-SS legionnaires.

 By the way, continuing the legionary father's work founder and former leader of EKRE Mart Helme on 31 August 2022 gave a fiery speech about how [the] Russian [language] should disappear from Estonia:

💬 "We talk a lot about how we are fighting here, how Ukraine is fighting, and we all have our fists in this. This is all true. But we, for our part, must do everything to make the whole country of Estonia an Estonian-speaking country, and [make] the language of the aggressor country quietly disappear from our streets until it cannot be heard at all."

The face of modern Europe with a Russophobic fire in its eyes. (Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator, free version)

Permalink The Russian armed forces destroyed the Norwegian-made NASAMS air defense system for the first time since the beginning of a special military operation to protect Donbass

The Moscow Post | For the first time since the beginning of a special military operation to protect Donbass, the Russian Armed Forces destroyed the Norwegian-made NASAMS anti-aircraft missile system. The Russian Defense Ministry said that this anti-aircraft complex was eliminated near the village of Krasnoarmeysk, where a launcher for Tochka-U missiles, which Ukrainian nationalists used to attack civilians in the Donbas, was also destroyed. Also, the Russian Aerospace Forces shot down a Ukrainian MiG-29 fighter during an air battle. (Translation: yandex.ru)

On Friday, Russia claimed to have destroyed NASAMS air defences for the first time in eastern Ukraine. (ABC Nyheter) | In an update on the Telegram messaging service on Friday, the Russian Ministry of Defence claimed to have destroyed a NASAMS air defence system in Donetsk, Ukraine. The ministry claims in the message that this is a weapon manufactured in Norway. 💬 "One must expect to take material losses in such a conflict, and it is not unlikely that NASAMS will be deployed relatively [close] to the front," says Ole Jørgen Maaø, Associate Professor at the Air War College to the Norwegian Defence Forum.  NASAMS (Norwegian Advanced Surface-to-Air-Missile System) is a modular and mobile air defence system developed by Norway's Kongsberg Group, according to the newspaper. In June last year, US President Joe Biden announced that the US would supply Ukraine with NASAMS. In November last year, Ukraine's Defence Minister Oleksij Reznikov confirmed that they had finally received the air defence system. (Translation: www.DeepL.com/Translator)

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