Permalink Poland, Baltic states seek to dismember Russia — envoy to UN

Check against the manifest that Ms. Anna Fotyga, ECR MEP from Poland, published recently in Euractiv, Vasily Nebenzya said | Poland and Baltic countries are seeking to dismember Russia and gain control over its natural resources, Russian Permanent Representative to the United Nations Vasily Nebenzya told the UN Security Council on Friday. 💬 "When, how, and on whose prompting was the OSCE taken hostage by those ravaging Russophobes - Poles, Balts, and other young Europeans, who no longer even try to conceal their plans to dismember Russia and seize its natural resources? If you do not take it from me, check against the manifest that Ms. Anna Fotyga, ECR MEP from Poland, published recently in Euractiv,’" Nebenzya told a UNSC briefing dedicated to the anniversary of Resolution 2202 that endorsed the Minsk Package of Measures on Ukrainian reconciliation. [Check item below.]

The dissolution of the Russian Federation is far less dangerous than leaving it ruled by criminals (Euractiv)
6 reasons the neocons in the West wanted this war with Russia (Life Site News)
EVIL DEFINED: "Overextending & Unbalancing Russia" (Rand Corporation) (09/16/22)

Permalink Russia prepares UN Security Council resolution on inquiry into Nord Stream sabotage

Russia will try to put the document to the vote next week | On Friday, Russia put forward a draft UN Security Council resolution about an inquiry into last year’s sabotage of its Nord Stream and Nord Stream 2 pipelines, Russian First Deputy Permanent Representative to the United Nations said on his Telegram channel.  The text of the document points to the data presented by US journalist Seymour Hersh about the US and Norway being behind the attack on Nord Stream.

How America Took Out The Nord Stream Pipeline (02/09/23)

Permalink Biden to visit Poland around Ukraine war anniversary

President Joe Biden will visit Poland this month to mark the one-year anniversary of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, returning to the region as the war enters a volatile new phase without a clear path to peace. | The president is planning to visit Poland from February 20-22. The White House said he would meet Polish President Andrzej Duda and other leaders from the region. He’ll deliver remarks ahead of the official anniversary on February 24. “He wants to talk about the importance of the international community’s resolve and unity in supporting Ukraine for now going on a year,” said John Kirby, the strategic communications coordinator at the National Security Council.

Biden plans a trip to Poland ahead of the anniversary of Russia's invasion of Ukraine

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