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The West imposes brutal sanctions against Syria, debilitating & ruining every aspect of Syrians' lives, in addition to stealing their oil, backing terrorist groups & creating the unnecessary war on Syria in the first place...and after the tragic earthquakes in the region, who helps Syria? Those vilified by the hypocritical West: Iran, Russia, Iraq, Lebanon, & Syrians themselves (although, thanks to those damn sanctions, fundraising efforts by Syrians abroad are nearly impossible). * Russian Ministry Of Emergency Services Personnel Get To Work In Syria. 50 personnel and three search-and-rescue canine crews arrived in Syria on Tuesday to assist with emergency operations following the deadly earthquakes that struck the country. Earlier, Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu ordered Russian military personnel deployed to the country to begin assisting search-and-rescue operations. (Eva Bartlett)

Permalink Fresh 5.3-Magnitude Earthquake Hits Turkey as Death Toll Rises to 3,381

Early on Monday, an earthquake of 7.7 magnitude on the Richter scale struck south-eastern Turkey and northern Syria. Another 7.6 magnitude earthquake occurred a few hours later. | The death toll from Monday's earthquake in Turkey has risen to 3,381, with 15,834 injured, a Turkish news agency reported on Tuesday, citing the Turkish disaster and emergency management authority (AFAD).  The European Union sent rescuers to Turkey, responding to its request to activate the EU Civil Protection Mechanism. Russia also sent teams to assist Turkey and instructed its troops to help the Syrian authorities as well. A number of other countries have also voiced their eagerness to provide assistance if necessary.  On Monday, Syria appealed to UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres to mobilize all resources available to help the war-stricken country deal with the deadly catastrophe.

Число погибших при землетрясении в Турции выросло до 3419
Re: The Devastating Earthquake Struck Syria (02/06/23)

Permalink The Maidan sniper killings were pivotal for the 2014 Kiev coup – why is research into the massacre being censored in the West?

Evidence that external forces were involved has been suppressed for ‘political reasons’ | Political scientist Ivan Katchanovski – of the University of Ottawa – has revealed that a paper he produced outlining evidence that the February 2014 massacre of Ukrainian protesters by sniper fire, a defining moment of the Western-backed Maidan coup, was not published by an academic journal for “political reasons.” ‘The evidence is solid:’ In a lengthy Twitter thread posted on January 6, Katchanovski first laid out the circumstances behind the rejection of his article, and the bombshell evidence included in it. The paper was initially accepted with minor revisions after peer review, and the journal's editor offered a glowing appraisal of his work, writing: 💬 “There is no doubt that this paper is exceptional in many ways. It offers evidence against the mainstream narrative of the regime change in Ukraine in 2014… It seems to me that the evidence the study produces in favour of its interpretation on who was behind the massacre of the protesters and the police during the ‘Euromaidan’ mass protests on February 18-20, 2014, in Ukraine, is solid. On this there is also consensus among the two reviewers.” As the editor noted, the massacre was a “politically crucial development,” which led to the “transition of powers in the country” from the freely elected Viktor Yanukovich to the illegitimate and rabidly nationalistic administration of Aleksandr Turchinov, a former security services chief. It was endlessly cited in Western media as a symbol of the brutality of Ukraine’s government and an unprovoked attack on innocent pro-WesternMaidan protesters, who allegedly sought nothing more than democracy and freedom.

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