Permalink Video: Haitians Demonstrating Against Henry, US-Canadian ‘Invasion’ Ignored by Western Media

As the United Nations positions for yet another military intervention into Haiti, Western media has ignored the massive demonstrations in the island nation against both Acting Prime Minister Ariel Henry and the possible arrival of new foreign troops.

Thousands have demonstrated in Haitian cities for months, calling for Henry’s resignation after he arbitrarily rejected the transfer of power to a provisional government and decided to stay in power after his mandate expired in February. Those demonstrations have intensified in recent days after Henry appealed to the international community to help him restore order.  According to the protesters, the new intervention is not aimed at suppressing violent criminal gangs or at alleviating other public health issues, such as a cholera outbreak, but rather to keep in power their hand-picked successor to President Jovenel Moise, who was assassinated last year.


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