Permalink Charlbi Dean, leading actress of the last Palme d'Or, dies at 32

Charlbi Dean, model and actress who starred in The Triangle of Sadness (Palme d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival), has died at the age of 32 in a New York hospital. [Her] death has been due to a "sudden and sudden illness"

Muere a los 32 años Charlbi Dean, actriz protagonista de la última Palma de Oro”

15 videos of people all around the world just keeling over (maybe dropping dead): Still more graphic evidence that "COVID vaccination" is now doing to humanity what "our free press," 2+ years ago, kept warning us hysterically that COVID was about to do to all humanity | Over the past several weeks, a tweeter who uses the nom de guerre “Aqui Ahora” (“Here Now”) has posted fifteen videos of people keeling over—eight of them in China, and the others in Vietnam, Pakistan, Peru and elsewhere throughout the world (including Orlando, Florida, site of a small plane crash that surely killed all those on board).


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