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Decadent EU Regimes Hell Bent for Self-Destruction (Stephen Lendman)

Reality Sets-in: Europe Cracking; CANNOT agree on Russia Oil Embargo | Hal Turner | Superficial European "unity" over Russia's entry into Ukraine to De-Nazify and De-militarize" that regime, which resulted in Europe sanctioning Russia, is falling apart. The European Union CANNOT get unanimous agreement to embargo Russian Oil or gas into Europe. The reality, that Europe actually needs inexpensive, reliable energy, is finally taking hold. The knee-jerk reaction by European Union countries to "sanction" Russia, was poorly thought out from its beginning. By sanctioning Russia, Europe was actually siding WITH the Nazi-infested regime of Ukraine. That was downright foolish on every level. [...] What has gone on here with Russia-Ukraine-Europe-US-NATO has been a travesty of mis-management and deliberate provocation of Russia by the West. It needs to stop. Fast. Before the ongoing hostilities explode into a much larger, and far deadlier World War.


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