Permalink Ukraine will be a 'big Israel' – Zelensky

The leader predicted that soldiers would police public spaces in Ukraine after its conflict with Russia is over.

Speaking to journalists on Tuesday, the president said security would be the “number one” issue for Ukrainians for the next decade, even going so far as to forecast a lasting armed military presence in the streets.
💬 “Ukraine will definitely not be what we wanted it to be from the beginning. It is impossible. Absolutely liberal, European – it will not be like that,” he said. “We will become a ‘big Israel’ with its own face. We will not be surprised if we have representatives of the Armed Forces or the National Guard in cinemas, supermarkets, and people with weapons.”

Reached by Haaretz following Zelensky’s comments, Ukrainian Ambassador to Israel Yevgen Korniychuk said that
💬 “no matter what happens next, [things] in Ukraine will be similar to the security situation in Israel,” also adding that “you will see more armed people in the streets, even when things become more peaceful than they are now.” “Israelis have lived surrounded by enemies for all of their history and Ukraine will be doing the same,” he continued.

Israel’s Secret Plan for a «Second Israel» in Ukraine (Wayne Madsen)
Report: Israel acknowledges Jews in fact Khazars; Secret plan for reverse migration to Ukraine (The Times of Israel)

Comment by Another World Is Possible: Zelensky, is he stupidly saying the quiet part out loud...or is this yet another intentional leak to get public opinion used to this insanely criminal idea? It really doesn't matter because by now we know what's what. – Anyway, NATO is at war with Russia. This is a fact. But it also is true that NATO is ruled by the US, who in turn is ruled by certain elements that have infiltrated US governance for a long time. These people are not representative of their ethnic communities in America; much less so of America as a whole. They are the Khazars. They are, now as ever, consumed by an age-old hatred for Russia and everything Russian. Fundamentally, they are the ones that are at war with Russia. Yes, as far as we can tell, they are behind all of this. It is true that big transnational corporations are important players here, but it also is true that many, if not all of them, are under Khazar control. The Khazars are the ones that set up and direct the agenda: They intend to defeat Russia militarily and corrupt her beyond repair. They intend, now as under their Bolshevik (Jewish) assault in October 1917, to crush Christianity there, and destroy the traditional Russian identity. They intend to rebuild Khazaria in Ukraine. Later they probably want New Khazaria to develop into an empire. And China? Well, Russia first, then China. This is the evil agenda we're dealing with here. In the way of a conclusion, let us say the following: Russia's fight is our fight. We should support her. If we don't do this, we may not survive as Western nations. Anti-war and pacifist attitudes be damned. We need to support Christian Russia.


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