Permalink Russian MoD on US Biolabs: One Goal Was to Create Bioagents That Can Target Certain Ethnic Groups

The Russian Defence Ministry earlier announced that the United States had poured money into biological research facilities in Ukraine, alleging they may have been used in order to create biological weapons and conduct bat coronavirus-related experiments. Among the goals of the biological research laboratories in Ukraine suspected of having been funded by the United States was the creation of bioagents that would be capable of targeting certain ethnic groups, the Russian Defence Ministry revealed on Thursday.

Russian MFA (Telegram): The Russian Defence Ministry continues to study materials on the implementation of military biological programme of the United States and its NATO allies on the territory of Ukraine. Details of the UP-4 project became known, which was implemented with the participation of laboratories in Kiev, Kharkov and Odessa and was designed for the period up to 2020. Its purpose was to study the possibility of the spread of particularly dangerous infections through migrating birds, including highly pathogenic H5N1 influenza, the mortality rate of which reaches 50% for humans, as well as Newcastle disease.

(Pars Today, Nov 02, 2017): US, Israel worked on biogenetic weapons: Biogenetic weapons are defined as biological agents designed to inflict debilitating diseases or other internal bodily afflictions on a specific group of people who share a genetic code. While it remains unclear if such weapons have ever been successfully developed, the US and and the illegal Zionist entity are known to have given it a try. In 1998, the popular US-based technology magazine Wired reported that Zionist regime was working on a biological agent “that would harm Palestinians while leaving Jews unaffected.” Reuters later reported that, according to British scientists, it was possible to develop such weapons given the advances in genetic mapping.

(BBC, 31 October 2017): A Russian MP close to the Kremlin, Gennady Onishchenko, said new "biological security" legislation to control access to Russians' DNA "should be introduced in December" in parliament. "The fact that our citizens' fluids, organs and tissues are being collected is evidence that the US has not stopped its aggressive military programme," he alleged. Earlier Mr Putin avoided such speculation about the DNA analysis, and simply asked "why are they doing this?"

US National Library of Medicine (2011 Apr-Jun): Characteristics of Populations of the Russian Federation over the Panel of Fifteen Loci Used for DNA Identification and in Forensic Medical Examination: (Conclusions:) Estimates of the genetic variability of microsatellite loci, which are used for DNA identifications that comply with the international standards for such studies, were obtained for the first time in this study for the population of Russia and neighboring countries. The informativeness and resolution capacity of the full panel of STR loci was first estimated, and the reference allelic frequencies for Russian urban populations, certain ethnic groups of the Russian Federation, and neighboring countries were obtained. [...]

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