Permalink Ukraine Aircraft Strikes Interior Russia with West-Supplied Weapons

Ukrainian fighter jets have fired NATO missiles at a target on Russian territory for the first time in this war! A "Russian command node" was hit on Sunday in the area of Belgorod. Expect a massive response from Moscow. | NATO continues to use Ukraine to launch its attacks on Russia!  The conflict between Ukraine and Russia is deteriorating so fast, and on so many levels due to NATO interference, that Serbia's President Vucic now openly warns of World War 3 in Europe!!

💬 “We are months away from a full-scale war between NATO vs Russia!! All signs point to a major war in Europe!” said President Vucic. “We are heading for a major catastrophe, and it seems that the train has already left the station and can no longer be stopped." In a TV interview, Vucic went on to say "No one in the West is talking about peace anymore - only more war. The West thinks it can win and take out Russia. I think the West is wrong. Both sides now believe it is existential for them, so I don't think they will find a solution other than war and everything...everything is at stake." he continued.

In Europe, the leaders act as the big heroes, but they are not honest and do not tell their citizens that they will all pay a big price if it comes to war,” he said. Hal Turner Snap Analysis: NATO forces started direct attacks against Russia at the end of last month, when they gave the "green light" to Ukraine to use Western weapons to strike inside Russia. We all know that NATO troops are doing it, not Ukrainians.

Alle Zeichen stehen auf einen grossen Krieg: Serbiens Präsident Aleksandar Vucic über die düsteren Zeiten der Gegenwart (Die Weltwoche) - VIDEO (Interview in English starts at the 7:00 mark)

Permalink US ‘flirting with neo-Nazis’ to hurt Russia – Kremlin

Moscow has condemned Washington’s decision to allow arms supplies to Ukraine’s notorious Azov Brigade | Washington will stop at nothing, including the use of neo-Nazis, to damage Russia, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Tuesday, following a US decision to lift a ban on supplying weapons to Ukraine’s Azov Brigade.  The unit has notoriously welcomed into its ranks people who espouse ultranationalist and neo-Nazi ideologies, and has been described by the Western press as a magnet for such individuals from across the world.  On Monday, the US Department of State cleared the brigade to receive American military assistance, stating that it found no evidence of human rights violations by the group.

US lifts arms ban on Ukrainian neo-Nazi unit (RT.com)

Permalink Israel Bombs Hermel, Lebanon

Israel Bombs Hermel, Lebanon | Israeli Air Force jets have conducted air strikes against the city of Hermel, Lebanon, in the far north of Lebanon, near the Syria border. For months, Israel has been demanding Hezbollah members in Lebanon be moved to "north of the Latani River" but Hermel is nowhere near that river or near southern Lebanon. Yet Israel has bombed it with multiple air strikes. Initial reports say there are numerous dead and injured.

Hezbollah intercepts an Israeli warplane, forces it to retreat (Al Mayadeen)
LIVE: Israel attacks Rafah as official says Hamas accepts Gaza ceasefire plan (Al Jazeera)

Permalink UN Security Council endorses US-backed resolution calling for Gaza ceasefire

The United Nations Security Council has passed a US-sponsored resolution that backs Washington's ceasefire plan in the Gaza Strip and calls on Palestinian group Hamas to accept it. | The resolution, which was backed by 14 nations except Russia, welcomed the truce and hostage release proposal announced on 31 May by President Joe Biden, and urged “both parties to fully implement its terms without delay and without condition”. Unlike earlier drafts, the resolution states that Israel has “accepted” the ceasefire proposal and calls on Hamas to do the same. [...] Hamas welcomed the resolution after the vote, saying it is ready to cooperate with mediators over implementing the principles of the plan.

Israel attacks Rafah as official says Hamas accepts Gaza ceasefire plan (Al Jazeera)
Iran calls on UN to pressure Israel into honoring ICJ rulings (Iran Front Page)

Permalink Russian Naval Group off Melbourne, Florida Coastline (Images)

The Russian Navy has a grouping of warships off the east coast of Florida, between Melbourne and Vero Beach. | One of the vessels involved is a Russian nuclear submarine. While [...] vessels from the Russian Navy are hanging out off Florida, the Russian Navy frigate Admiral Gorshkov - capable of carrying Zircon hypersonic missiles, arrives in Havana.

Hal Turner Remarks: Just so all of you grasp what's taking place here, the United States and our NATO vassals, are making more and more trouble for Russia, inside Ukraine. So now Russia is demonstrating to us they can make trouble for us...HERE...inside the United States. While what we are doing in Ukraine is causing the actual deaths of Russian soldiers, Russia has not yet decided to bring death to OUR people. Notice I said "yet."  This is what the US Congress and the US President are causing. While THEY play "the sport of Kings (war" in Ukraine, we the American people are the ones they are endangering HERE, inside our own country. If we get attacked here, inside America, by Russian forces, the sole and exclusive BLAME rests on members of the United States House of Representatives, the United States Senate, and the present illegitimate occupant of the Presidency.  They have been warned over and over again by Russia, to stop what they're doing. Yet Congress not only ignores the warnings, they up the ante and do even worse things. Sooner or later, once the Russians have had enough, they're going to show us that they are as powerful - if not more - than we are. Remember that when you see your member of Congress slithering out from a nuclear bunker after it's all over...and hold them accountable right then and there.

US to shadow Russian nuclear sub in Caribbean – CBS (RT.com)

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