Permalink Satellite imagery-based assessment of damage and destruction in Gaza

Permalink Israel bombed 15,000 children into smithereens in Gaza since October

More than 15,000 Palestinian children have been killed since October, when the Israeli regime launched its genocide against the Gaza Strip, the Palestinian Ministry of Education says. | The majority of the children were school students and kindergarten kids, according to the ministry, which said on Tuesday that an additional 64 students from schools in the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, also lost their lives during the period.  The ministry announced the fatalities in a statement on the International Day of Innocent Child Victims of Aggression, which highlighted "The Children of Gaza" as the primary focus, acknowledging their situation as the most affected individuals due to the continued latest aggression of Israel, which was launched on October 7 last year.  Since the commencement of the Israeli genocide in Gaza, it has been reported that 620,000 students have been unable to attend school, with an additional 88,000 students being deprived of higher education opportunities at the university level.

Permalink French Soldier Captured ALIVE By Russian Troops in Ukraine

France is waging war against Russia in Ukraine | Video shows the capture of a French military by the Russian Army in the area of the village of Liptsy (Kharkov region), where active hostilities between the Russian Armed Forces and the AFU are now taking place. This soldier was not "instructing" Ukrainian troops, he was engaged in an active fire-fight with Russian troops - and got captured. Of course, we will likely hear how this soldier resigned from the French Army and became a mercenary with some unknown, never-heard-of Private Military Organization . . . but the evidence is irrefutable: French military is in fire fights inside Ukraine, against Russia. France is waging war against Russia in Ukraine.

90+ foreign sabotage groups operating in Ukraine: Russian official (Al Mayadeen)
First French troops on the way to Ukraine – MP (RT.com)(1 Jun, 2024)

Permalink US close to ‘fatal’ miscalculation – Moscow

Russia’s response to what Washington’s “clients” in Ukraine do may be “asymmetrical” and stronger than expected, the senior diplomat has warned | The US is close to making a “fatal” miscalculation in its attempts to deal with Russia and the Ukraine conflict, Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov has warned.  The senior diplomat commented on Monday on the reported US decision to let Kiev use American weapons outside what Washington considers Ukrainian territory. The move is supposedly limited to a small piece of Russia’s Belgorod Region relevant to hostilities across the border in Ukraine’s Kharkov Region. 💬 ”I’d like to warn American actors against miscalculations that can lead to fatal consequences. For some unclear reason they underestimate how serious a response they could face,” Ryabkov told journalists. Up to then the stated US policy had been to ban such attacks, to prevent triggering “World War III.” Kiev has said it is disappointed by the change, as it wants permission to fire long-range American weapons deep inside Russia.

No One Can Rule Out A Transition of the Conflict to Its Final Stage (05/31/24)
Vladimir Putin Calls For Full Mobilization (05/31/24)
Biden secretly allows Ukraine strikes on Russia: Officials (05/31/24)
FLASH!!! Russia Formally "Warns" United States Against "Miscalculations that could have Fatal Consequences"

Permalink Ukraine Will Return to Neutrality or Face Partition or Annihilation

Mike Whitney | They’re merely exploring more creative ways of garnering support for their failed crusade. That’s what the so-called ‘peace conference’ is all about, luring more recruits to the Ukraine bandwagon. | When Ukraine made its declaration of state sovereignty in July 1990, it pledged to be “a permanently neutral state.” And while it remained committed to that neutral status there was no hostility between Moscow and Kiev. But as soon as the United States toppled Ukraine’s government in the 2014 coup, Ukraine moved to renounce its neutrality, which is when all their problems began. What’s clear is that independent Ukrainian leaders did not choose to abandon neutrality. That decision was made in Washington by neocons who wanted to move their globalist army closer to Russia’s border. This isn’t speculation, this is what happened. NATO lied about ‘not moving one inch east” after the reunification of Germany and continued to push eastward until they were right on Russia ‘s doorstep. Finally—after being shoved into a corner—Russia pursued the only option available and pushed back. Russia launched its Special Military Operation (SMO) on February 24, 2022.  Of course, many people still think that Putin wants to rebuild the Soviet empire and that Ukraine is just the first step in a long march across Europe. Fortunately, NATO secretary general Jens Stoltenberg dispelled that fiction in a press conference in September, 2023.

Scott Ritter: Ukraine's NATO Allies Dragging World Into Nuclear Armageddon (Sputnik News) 💬 "[Russian President Vladimir Putin] knows that it's not Ukrainian space reconnaissance, it's not Ukrainian communications, it's not Ukrainian technicians that are doing the targeting. It is the French, it is the Germans. It is the British. It is the Americans. And therefore, if these missiles, these weapons systems that are now being greenlit by the respective Western nations, to be used by Ukraine to attack targets inside Russia, if this happens, this is no longer about Ukraine defending itself. It's about NATO attacking Russia."

Permalink Six Civilians Injured After Shelling of Town in Russia's Belgorod Region

Six civilians have been injured as a result of Ukrainian shelling of the town of Shebekino in Russia's Belgorod Region, Governor Vyacheslav Gladkov said on Saturday. 💬 "As a result of shelling in the town of Shebekino, six civilians were injured, five of them in two buses received shrapnel wounds to their upper and lower limbs. The sixth victim, who was on the street at the time of attack, suffered a shrapnel wound to his left forearm," Gladkov said on Telegram, adding that all the injured were taken to a hospital.  In addition, the deputy head of the Korochansky District of the region, Igor Nechiporenko, died as a result of detonation of ammunition, the governor said.

Kremlin Mulls Response as NATO Enables Ukraine’s Terrorism Against Russian Civilians (Sputnik News)

Permalink Former US intelligence officer says was not let leave US to attend forum in St. Petersburg

"I was taken off flight from New York to Istanbul," Scott Ritter said | Former US Marine Corps Intelligence Officer and UN weapons inspector Scott Ritter has told TASS that he was not let board a flight from New York to Istanbul, a stopover on his way to Russia to take part in the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum. 💬 "I was taken off flight from New York to Istanbul. They took my passport and taken my bags off the flight," he said. He also said that no explanations were given to him. The police, in his words, said only that it was done at the order from the Department of State.  The St. Petersburg International Economic Forum is set to take place on June 5-8. This year’s event is themed "The Foundations of a Multipolar World - The Formation of New Areas of Growth." The forum is organized by the Roscongress Foundation. TASS is the forum’s information partner.

‘It was about sticking it to the Russians’ – Scott Ritter on US seizure of his passport (RT.com)
US seizes Scott Ritter’s passport; Also Removes Former NJ Superior Court Judge Andrew Napolitano (Hal Turner)
US State Department Forced Scott Ritter Off Plane to Russia, Confiscated His Passport (Sputnik News)

Permalink India: Modi’s BJP may fall short of majority. Election results 2024 live

  Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)-led coalition is leading as India counts votes. But trends so far suggest the BJP might fall short of a majority on its own as a united opposition led by the Indian National Congress makes gains.
  The mammoth seven-phase election – the world’s largest democratic exercise – began on April 19 and ended on Saturday.
  A party or coalition needs 272 seats to cross the majority mark in the 543-member Lok Sabha, the lower house of India’s parliament. Exit polls said Modi could return to power for a third consecutive term.
  The Election Commission says a record-breaking 642 million voters cast their ballots in the staggered election as it dismissed opposition concerns over how the votes would be counted.
  However, the voter turnout this year was 66.3 percent, about one percentage point lower than 2019.

Permalink Indonesia: Muslim nations being pressurized to normalize ties with Israel

The Indonesia foreign minister said in statement that there have been efforts from Israel and its allies to persuade countries with Muslim majority to establish diplomatic relations. "There are systematic efforts by Israel and its allies to lobby and pressure Muslim countries into considering normalizing ties with Israel," Retno Marsudi told a conference at the Gadjah Mada University in Yogyakarta, central Java province. | The Indonesia foreign minister on Monday said Israel and its allies had been trying to get Muslim countries to normalize ties.  "There are systematic efforts by Israel and its allies to lobby and pressure Muslim countries into considering normalizing ties with Israel," Retno Marsudi told a conference at the Gadjah Mada University in Yogyakarta, central Java province.  Jakarta has no diplomatic ties with Tel Aviv, but Israeli media recently claimed Indonesia was mulling establishing ties to gain entry to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). Israel is one of the members of the OECD, and Jakarta has to get its approval if it wants to have its membership bid accepted. The government has denied opening ties with Israel.

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