Permalink Live: Death toll from attacks on Nuseirat rises to 210

Al Jazeera is reporting from outside Israel because it has been banned by the Israeli government. ‘Chaos inside the hospital’ after intense Israeli attacks  Deadly Israeli air raids in Deir el-Balah Israeli forces have launched air raids in the vicinity of Al-Aqsa Martyrs Hospital in Deir el-Balah, leaving a number of killed and wounded. Director of Kuwaiti Specialized Hospital in Rafah says there are dozens of corpses on the streets of people killed by the Israeli army with rescue workers unable to reach the injured people.

US involved in Israeli operation in Nuseirat that killed over 200 Palestinians (MEE)
'Catastrophic' Israeli strikes in central Gaza leave 210 dead (MEE)
Israel unleashes “unprecedented bloodshed” in West Bank (Electronic Intifada)
Day 246: 36,801 killed, 83,680 injured in Gaza (Al Mayadeen)
Army Abducts 36 Palestinians in Hebron, Seizes 50 Vehicles (IMEMC News)

Permalink It will never be home’: Artist Sandra Watfa on Palestine, genocide and growing up in England

Mariam Amini | Physical upheaval has been a defining characteristic of the Palestinian experience. Amid Israel’s ongoing assault on Gaza, the Palestinian artist reflects on her family’s own displacement from Akka and her journey to the UK | The door opens to a bundle of curly, silver hair. Wearing a black hoodie and leggings, Sandra Watfa offers an inviting smile as she clears the entrance to her London home.  Inside, the aura is one of purposeful zen. Ocean blue walls and patterned cushions evoke a sense of longing for the Levantine coast. “I was born in Lebanon by the sea,” says Watfa, about the palette. “I didn’t know anything other than that.” She brings over a white mug patterned with tiny Palestinian flags at its base. A plate of baklava and ginger biscuits dresses the table.  “Growing up in a Palestinian family, you begin to understand the repercussions of being in a country that is not your own,” she says.  Watfa’s parents fled Akka during the Nakba of 1948, which saw the Zionist dispossession of Palestinian land to establish the Israeli state. With the family having found refuge in Lebanon, where the artist was born, the onset of the Lebanese Civil War in 1975 led to a second exodus.“We ended up in Greece, which oddly enough, made Lebanon feel like home. A year and a half later, we came here, which made Athens feel like home.”  Physical upheaval has been a defining characteristic of the Palestinian experience. For many Palestinians, the search for safety and belonging continues today, as demonstrated by the ongoing displacement and killing of Palestinians in Gaza since the start of the war in October. “I didn’t speak a word of English. It literally felt like landing on a different planet. The weather, the coldness of the people - it was very difficult at first.” (More @ Middle East Eye)

Permalink NATO preparing for potential ground war with Russia – including plans for U.S. troop involvement

NATO preparing for potential ground war with Russia – including plans for U.S. troop involvement | NATO is mapping out "land corridors" to enable U.S. troops and other allied forces to reach the front lines quicker in the event of a broader European ground war with Russia. The move follows warnings from NATO leaders [aka a coterie of Grade 'A' sociopaths] earlier this year urging Western governments to prepare themselves for a full-blown war with Russia sometime in the next 20 years. The newly established troop expressways would see American soldiers landing at one of five designated ports. They would then be deployed along pre-established routes depending on how a potential attack by Moscow would play out, NATO officials told The Telegraph.

Permalink Izvestia: West should consider consequences of transferring long-range weapons to Ukraine - Russian diplomat

Head of Russia’s Delegation to the Vienna Negotiations on Military Security and Arms Control Konstantin Gavrilov in an interview with Izvestia [...] Gavrilov noted that it is necessary to complete the special military operation in Ukraine in 2-3 years, before the West organizes the production of shells.

💬 "I don't see them increasing the supply of weapons. It seems to me quite the opposite - there is a shortage of artillery shells, NATO and US warehouses are empty, the Czech Republic can't fulfill orders for the production of shells, they can't get the 800,000 they need from around the world. 150-mm Italian [shells] do not fit the Spanish [facilities] <...> They are in complete disarray. But the West will take two to three years to set up production - during this time we need to settle things with Ukraine," Gavrilov noted.

'Confident' Putin: Western Media Reflects on Russian President's SPIEF Speech (Sputnik News)
Plenary session of the St Petersburg International Economic Forum (President of Russia)(Vladimir Putin's Speech)
Russia ‘not even thinking’ of using nuclear weapons – Putin (RT.com)
Putin responds to African leader’s ‘gift’ offer (RT.com)
«Что ВСУ, что наемники — нашей артиллерии и авиации всё равно» (iz.ru)

Permalink CIA Agent Testifies "We Invented mRNA As A Bioweapon With Gates And WEF

Forbidden News has divulged the “news” of an unknown CIA whistleblower – no names given – who tells us how the CIA, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, as well as the WEF, and the Rockefeller Foundation, have invented the mRNA killer-technology. | The COVID plandemic was a tool to convert the surviving humanity into a surveillance state – into a One World Order (OWO), following a One World Government (OWG), with digital, programmable money – so-called “Central Bank Digital Currency” (CBDC), with mandatory vaccination, to eliminate a large proportion of useless people (Schwab’s Israeli adviser Yuval Noah Harari), to free up resources for the elite. These deadly “vaxxes”, the Secret CIA agent says, were not developed in warp speed for a non-existent deadly virus, but were prepared at least ten years ahead of the plandemic to be used for depopulating the planet.

Vaxxed Deaths Recorded as Unvaxxed to Make Covid Shots Appear ‘Safe,’ Official Data Shows (Slay News)

Permalink UK: Breaking: NIGEL FARAGE Calls for Public Inquiry re COVID Jab

"We were told take the vaccine, the so-called "vaccine" and you won't catch Covid, take the vaccine and you won't pass Covid on, both of those things were totally, completely untrue. We were told the vaccine was safe in every way, frankly it had not been through anything like the normal testing...and now we know there are elderly pensioners on their seventh jab, that's not the kind of vaccine you and I grew up with, you have a vaccine once and were inoculated for life. So I do think there needs to be a massive investigation not just into harms that were caused by the vaccines, all vaccines cause side effects., but there does seem to be an alarming number of people, young men in particular, who have developed myocarditis and other heart conditions."

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