Permalink Russia ready to strike NATO airfields hosting Ukrainian jets – MP

The head of Kiev’s air force, Sergey Golubtsov, previously stated that some F-16s donated to his country will be based abroad | Any airfields hosting Ukraine's F-16 fighter jets, whether they are in or outside the country, will be legitimate targets for the Russian military if they participate in combat missions against Moscow’s forces, the chairman of the Russian State Duma Defense Committee, Andrey Kartapolov, has warned.  The comments come as Kyiv prepares to receive the first delivery of US-made fighter jets from its Western backers after Ukrainian pilots were trained to fly them.  In a statement to RIA Novosti published on Monday, Kartapolov clarified that if the F-16s “are not used for their intended purpose” or are simply held in storage at foreign airbases with the intent to transfer them to Ukraine, where they will be equipped, maintained, and flown from Ukrainian airfields, then Russia would have no claims against its “former partners” and would not target them.  However, if the jets take off from foreign bases and carry out sorties and strikes against Russian forces, both the fighter planes and the airfields they are stationed at will be “legitimate targets,” according to Kartapolov.

Стали известны подробности о судьбе передаваемых Киеву истребителей F-16 (РИА Новости)

Permalink Assets worth 12 trillion: US Senator Graham named the reason for supporting Ukraine

US Senator Graham is recognized as a terrorist and extremist by the Russian Federation | Republican Senator from South Carolina Lindsey Graham* said in an interview with CBS that the United States does not want to give Russia the mineral resources that Ukraine has. According to him, its reserves are estimated at trillions of dollars. At the same time, the senator insists on the confiscation of Russian assets and the transfer of funds to help Ukraine. After the start of the CBO, the EU and G7 countries froze almost half of the Russian Federation’s foreign exchange reserves – approximately 300 billion euros.

💬 If we help Ukraine now, it can become the best business partner we have ever dreamed of, and $10-12 trillion worth of critical natural assets can be used by Ukraine and the West, rather than handed over to [Russian President Vladimir] Putin and China.  There are $300 billion worth of assets in Europe that we should confiscate and transfer to Ukraine. There is Russian money in America that we should confiscate.

Using Ukraine Since 1948 (Joe Luria)

Permalink Scholz and Macron should resign – top Russian MP

The German chancellor and French president have “lost big time” in the European Parliament election, Vyacheslav Volodin says | French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz have suffered crushing defeats in the European Parliament election and should resign, Russian State Duma Chairman Vyacheslav Volodin has said.  Writing on Telegram on Monday, Volodin weighed in on the preliminary results in the EU parliamentary vote, according to which right-wing forces have made significant strides, rattling traditional parties.

Germany’s Scholz suffers EU election blow (RT.com)
Italy’s Meloni solidifies power in EU Parliament (RT.com)
Le Pen ‘ready to exercise power’ after Macron party trounced (RT.com)
Macron calls snap parliamentary election (RT.com)
EU elections see far-right advance in key France, Germany (Al Mayadeen)

Permalink Yemeni naval forces strike British destroyer, two commercial vessels

Yemeni naval forces have carried out two separate operations against a British destroyer and two commercial vessels off the nation's coast, demonstrating solidarity with Palestinians amid the ongoing Israeli onslaught on the Gaza Strip. | The Yemeni military announced in a statement on Sunday that the forces targeted the HMS Diamond in the Red Sea with a number of ballistic missiles, emphasizing that the strike was “accurate.” The statement, however, did not say whether the retaliatory attack had caused any damage.  The Yemeni army further noted that the country’s naval forces had also attacked two commercial vessels which it identified as the Norderney and Tavvishi. The statement said the Tavvishi – which was in the Arabian Sea – and the Norderney had both been hit, and that a fire broke out on the Norderney.  Yemenis have declared their open support for Palestine’s struggle against the Israeli occupation since the regime launched a devastating war on Gaza on October 7 after the territory’s Palestinian resistance movements carried out a surprise retaliatory attack, dubbed Operation Al-Aqsa Storm, against the occupying entity.

Yemen strikes UK warship in response to Israel’s Nuseirat massacre (The Cradle)

Permalink US Drone Flights Over Gaza Supported Israeli Operation That Killed Over 200 Palestinians in Nuseirat

A team of US special operations soldiers and intelligence personnel based in Israel assisted in the operation | Israel received intelligence support from the US in its Saturday operation in central Gaza’s Nuseirat camp that killed over 200 Palestinians and freed four Israeli hostages.  The intelligence support included information provided by US drone flights over Gaza. The US began flying MQ-9 Reaper drones over Gaza days after October 7 and deployed special operations forces to Israel, demonstrating that US military support for Israel goes beyond providing weapons.  The Washington Post reported that a team of US special operations soldiers and intelligence personnel based at the US Embassy in Jerusalem provided the intelligence support. Besides the drone flights, the US provided communications intercepts, and Israel also received intelligence support from the UK.

UN chief puts Israel on list of "global offenders against children" (ISNA)
‘I heard all of my friends’ last breath’: Testimonies from the Nuseirat massacre (Mondoweiss)
CENTCOM denies US-built Gaza port used for Israel's Nuseirat massacre (The Cradle)
US army aided Israel in bloody military op launched from Gaza 'Aid Pier' (The Cradle)
Israel Rescues FOUR Hostages; But KILLS 274 Palestinians in the process (Hal Turner)

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