Permalink Gaza live: Overnight Israeli strikes kill 20 in Gaza, 17 in Syria

Meanwhile, Blinken discusses ceasefire proposal with Israeli officials | Over 1 million forcibly displaced from Rafah, Unrwa says: The Israeli military has forcibly displaced over one million Palestinians from Rafah after expanding its aerial and ground attacks there last month, according to the UN agency for Palestinian refugees. In a post on social media platform X, Unrwa said thousands of families are now taking shelter in damaged in destroyed facilities in Khan Younis, a city north of Rafah that was heavily bombed between January and April. "Conditions are unspeakable," Unrwa said.

Israeli strike wounds 16 children in south Lebanon (MEE)
Live blog: Over 1 million forced to evacuate Rafah — UNRWA (TRT World)

Permalink Children Stuck in the Rubble After israel Bombed Their Home

Permalink Torture in Israeli prisons: Strapped to beds, stripped of clothes

An anonymous Israeli doctor has revealed a harrowing account of the treatment faced by Palestinians abducted from Gaza. | An anonymous Israeli doctor has come forward with a disturbing account of the conditions Palestinians abducted from Gaza are subjected to. At the request of the Israeli occupation forces, the surgeon was sent to Sde Teiman military base in the al-Naqab desert to operate on a Palestinian abductee from Gaza who suffered from gunshot wounds.  According to the doctor's account, the patients have no names. They are all strapped to their beds, unable to move. They are blindfolded and stripped down to their underwear. They wear diapers, the doctor detailed. "This is a clear violation of the Geneva Convention and the WHO Code of Ethics. It is far more than just physical and psychological torture," he stressed.  Reports of abuse at Sde Teiman have already emerged in both Israeli and Arab media, following an outcry from Israeli and Palestinian rights groups about the conditions there. However, this rare testimony from an Israeli doctor working at the facility provides additional insight into “Israel's” policy of systematic torture and abuse amid its genocide in Gaza. It further challenges the Israeli government's repeated claims that it operates by accepted international practices and laws.

Permalink Ukraine Prepares Provocation in Kherson With Staging Death of Civilians - Underground

A group of filmmakers and war correspondents arrived in the city of Kherson from Kiev to promptly stage the deaths of civilians allegedly caused by Russian army strikes to further accuse Russia of civilian causalities, a spokesperson of the pro-Russian underground in Kherson told Sputnik on Monday. 💬 "On May 28, a group of documentary filmmakers and war correspondents totaling 13 people arrived from Kiev to the city of Kherson for an operational staging of the Russian army's strikes on the city's civilian infrastructure. During the missile strikes of the Russian armed forces on the places of temporary deployment of the Ukrainian army units, a staging of civilian casualties in medical, educational and other social institutions of the city was planned with further accusation of Russia in the deaths of civilians," the spokesperson said. Those who arrived in the city were trained in the field of information and psychological influence under the guidance of UK and US specialists, the underground added.

Permalink Covid Shots Are SOLE Cause of Soaring Child Heart Failure, Top Study Confirms

A major new study has just confirmed that Covid mRNA shots are the sole cause of the soaring cases of heart failure among children. | As Slay News has been reporting, cases of cardiac-related deaths and heart failure such as myocarditis and pericarditis have been soaring around the world since the Covid injections were rolled out to the public in early 2021. Myocarditis and pericarditis are inflammatory conditions of the heart and are generally considered to be rare, especially among children. Severe cases can lead to serious complications and even death. Both conditions are known side effects of the Covid mRNA shots.

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