Permalink Full-scale war in Lebanon will push 'Israel' into abyss: Israeli media

Israeli media discuss the dangers of expanding the war with Lebanon, stressing that this "will push Israel to the brink of the abyss." | Israeli media discussed the dangers of expanding the war with Lebanon into a full-scale war, stressing it would "push Israel to the brink of the abyss, especially with the absence of international legitimacy and an exhausted army." Military affairs analyst Amos Harel, writing for Haaretz, emphasized,

💬 "A war with Hezbollah would present an unprecedented challenge to Israel's home front, with the northern and central regions confronting a level of threat previously unseen." He added, "It is increasingly challenging to anticipate positive developments on the horizon, particularly as we approach the ninth month of war." Harel continued, citing "a series of discussions held over the past two weeks with officials in security and military circles," which disclosed growing signs that "Israel is heading towards a multidimensional failure."

In this context, he emphasized that "Israel" finds itself entangled in all fronts, with the most critical being "the arena of confrontation with Hezbollah in Lebanon," facing the looming threat of a full-scale war. He warned that such a war would dwarf all previous events, asserting, "Everything that occurred before would pale in comparison."

Israeli president threatens war on Hezbollah (RT.com)
Hezbollah Inflicts More Losses upon Israeli Enemy Troops, Fires Air Defense Missiles at War Jets (Al Manar TV)
HRW: Israel’s White Phosphorous Use against South Lebanon Risks Civilian Harm (Al Manar TV)
Israel’s War on Lebanon’s Trees (Bilal Nour Al-Deen)

Permalink Israeli strikes kill scores in northern and central Gaza

Meanwhile, Netanyahu is expected to speak in front of US Congress on 24 July Israeli strikes on Friday have killed at least 11 Palestinians in central Gaza, six of them in Maghazi and five in Nuseirat, according to the Wafa news agency. Two people were also killed in an Israeli air strike on Gaza City. The strikes come as US President Joe Biden claimed that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was “listening” to him regarding his prior warnings against an invasion in Rafah.

Day 244: 32 Killed in Another School Massacre by Israeli Forces (IMEMC News) As the Israeli aggression against the Gaza Strip entered its 244th day, the occupation army committed a massacre on Thursday morning by bombing a school belonging to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA), in which hundreds of displaced people were located, in the Nuseirat camp in the central Gaza Strip.  At least 32 civilians were killed and dozens more were seriously injured when an Israeli missile targeted the Nuseirat Preparatory Boys School, which is one of the schools being used as a makeshift shelter for Palestinians in Nuseirat camp, in central Gaza.  An Israeli warplane targeted the upper floors of the school around 2:15 a.m. while the people there were sleeping. The missile penetrated several school classrooms, which led to the deaths and injuries of a large number.  Also in Nuseirat camp, 6 civilians were killed and others were injured as a result of the Israeli occupation warplanes bombing a house belonging to the Al-Madani family in the camp. The Israeli occupation artillery launched a violent bombardment on the eastern area of ​​the Bureij camp in the middle of the Gaza Strip, and the Israeli Quadcopter warplane also opened fire in the vicinity of the Nakheel Hall in the camp.

Israeli attacks kill at least 15 Palestinians in central Gaza since dawn today (Al Jazeera)

Permalink Why Hamas cannot accept Israel's ceasefire proposal

David Hearst | Contrary to Biden's portrayal of the deal, it does not guarantee an end to the war, nor a full withdrawal of Israeli forces | If anyone owns the daily carnage in Gaza being carried out by an angry and humiliated Israeli army, whose ranks are filled with religious settlers, it is US President Joe Biden. From the first days after the Hamas attack on 7 October, Biden framed this savage act of collective punishment on 2.3 million Palestinians as a just war. It was he who led the charge that Israel had the right to defend itself. It was he who sabotaged calls for an immediate ceasefire at the UN Security Council. It was he who replenished Israel’s stocks of smart bombs and missiles. And it is under his watch that the US turned its back on the two highest courts of international justice.

Permalink Germany Updates Wartime Measures - Draft Laws reactivated!

Germany has updated its wartime measures for the first time since the Cold War, preparing for potential conflict with Russia. The new plan includes:

Compulsory conscription reinstated: Citizens can be drafted at any time.
Evacuation of citizens and food rationing: Plans for mass evacuation and ensuring one hot meal per day through rationing.
Makeshift bunkers and prepared hospitals: Subway stations to be used as bunkers; hospitals ready for sudden influx of    patients.
Emergency food reserves stored secretly: Stockpiles of food in undisclosed locations for crisis situations.
Job bans in key sectors: Prohibitions on quitting jobs critical to defense; media must publish official updates.
NATO troop movements: Facilitating the rapid movement of NATO troops through Germany to the eastern front.
Civilian roles for healthcare professionals: Doctors, psychologists, nurses, and vets repurposed for military and civil service.
Priority repairs for military equipment: Quick repair and maintenance of military gear; increased defense budget commitments    to NATO.

These measures follow threats of retaliation from Putin, should Germany allow Ukraine to strike Russian territories.

Hal Turner States the Obvious: What does it tell you that Germany has done this after "threats of retaliation should Germany allow Ukraine to Strike Russian territories?" It tells ME that Germany...IS GOING TO...allow Ukraine to strike Russian Territories and they are now preparing to be retaliated against! Why else would Germany do this except they already know what they're going to do, and what Russia WILL do in response? Folks, Western governments are CREATING World War 3. Deliberately. I don't want World War 3, do you? Let's try to get our government public servants back under our control before they get a whole slew of us KILLED. Germany is at it again. Wrong side of history.

German defence expert urges army to recruit 900,000 reservists (MSM.com)
Germany must be ready for war – defense minister (RT.com)

Permalink War in Ukraine: By sending Mirage fighters, France steps up support for Kyiv

French President Emmanuel Macron announced on Thursday, June 6, that France would send Ukraine Mirage 2000-5s fighter jets. He did not specify the number of fighter jets to be delivered, of which France has a limited number. | French President Emmanuel Macron surprised observers on Thursday, June 6, in a televised interview on TF1 and France 2 conducted after the commemorations for the 80th anniversary of D-Day, when he announced that France would be sending fighter jets to Ukraine. "A plan for the transfer" of Mirage 2000-5s fighters will be launched "as soon as tomorrow," the French president said, on the eve of a visit to Paris by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Permalink EU looks at using its own budget as guarantee for huge loan to Ukraine

European Commission fears an alternative proposal put forward by U.S. is too risky for taxpayers. | The EU signaled it could massively scale up its financing of Ukraine by securing its own multibillion euro loan to fund the war-ravaged nation instead of relying on a broader U.S.-led initiative.  The European Commission is floating the idea of using future interest generated by the investment of Russian assets frozen in Europe to pay back a loan that would, crucially, use the might of the bloc's €1.2 trillion seven-year budget as collateral. This is similar to a joint proposal pushed by U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, but would see the EU acting alone.

The EU wants to provide loans to Kyiv secured by its own budget (PolitNavigator.net)
The European sponsors of war in Ukraine (SCF)(InfoGraphic)
Les ministres de l’OTAN examinent la mise en œuvre d’un fonds de 100 milliards d’euros pour l’Ukraine (EurActiv)

Permalink Freedom of speech has disappeared in Europe – ex-Austrian FM to RT panel

The continent has “lost its soul,” Karin Kneissl has argued | Freedom of speech and other key liberties have disappeared in Europe and will not return any time soon, former Austrian Foreign Minister Karin Kneissl has said during a panel organized by RT as part of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF).

💬 Europe was previously “a dreamland” for people in other parts of the world due to its “constitutionalism, freedom, equality of women and men, security and welfare state,” Kneissl said during the discussion on Friday. “Well, sorry to say, but all that is gone… what Europe was is gone, and I deplore it,” she stated. According to the former diplomat, who was in charge of Austria’s Foreign Ministry between 2017 and 2019, the continent “has lost its soul… it has sold its soul.”

RT hosted a discussion titled ‘The Empire of Evil: Has the West Successfully Demonized Russia?’ as part of the 2024 St. Petersburg International Economic Forum. The event featured several high-profile speakers, including former UN Special Commission weapons inspector Scott Ritter, who was prevented by the US authorities from coming to Russia to participate in the forum, as well as Tara Reade – a former aide to Joe Biden – and the great nephew of Otto von Bismarck, Alexander von Bismarck.

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