Permalink Israel rubbishes claims of Russian involvement in Hamas attack

The allegations are “complete nonsense,” Israel’s ambassador in Moscow has said | Israel does not believe that Russia was in any way connected to last week’s Hamas attack, the country’s ambassador to Moscow, Alexander Ben Zvi, said in an interview with Kommersant on Wednesday.  Ben Zvi was asked to comment on allegations against Russia on social media and by a number of news outlets that it may have been involved in the attack and that the situation in Gaza is beneficial to Moscow, as it supposedly draws Washington’s attention away from Ukraine.  The ambassador responded by calling the allegations “complete nonsense.”

Dmitry Medvedev (Дмитрий Медведев) (Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council) | Zelensky said that Russia is behind Hamas. | It is pointless to talk to drug addicts in the language of reason, to urge them to turn on their brains. They do not have one, they have burned it out under the influence of coke.  Therefore, we should answer this way: ISIS (Islamic State - an organization banned in Russia) is a traditional partner of the Ukrainian regime, carrying out its terrorist tasks all over the planet. The Ukrainian authorities recognize the closeness of the positions of the Bandera ideology and the ideology of ISIS.  ISIS regularly receives large sponsorships from the Zelensky clique, as well as a variety of weapons stolen by Ukronazis from NATO supplies. ISIS members have secret accounts in Ukrainian banks and secretly buy Ukrainian real estate.(Translation: DeepL.com)


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