Permalink China Criticizes the U.S. Over Syria, Urges Washington to Stop Stealing the Oil

Since early August, there have been at least 10 oil thefts by US troops in Syria. Some 800 tankers were used to transport stolen oil to US bases outside of Syria. In the meantime, Syrian people have had to queue for hours to fill up at the gas station.
By June 2022, US military’s extraction, smuggling and illegal transaction of Syrian oil, gas and mineral resources has brought an estimated $18.2 bln of direct losses on Syria, making Syria’s humanitarian disaster much worse.
Syria is yet another victim of the US’s “rules-based order” just like Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya. Under this order, the rights and lives of the Syrian people are being taken away, instead of being protected.
We urge the US to respect Syria’s sovereignty & territorial integrity, respond to the call of the Syrian people, stop plundering Syria’s national resources at once, and take concrete action to remedy the pain they have inflicted on Syria.


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