Permalink Nine civilians including Russia Today journalist killed in DPR over 24 hours

Donetsk, Aug 16 — DAN. Ukrainian gunmen have opened fire at the Donetsk People’s Republic 53 times over the past 24 hours (from 6:00, August 15 to 6:00, August 16), causing new civilian casualties and damage to infrastructure, the Joint Centre for Control and Coordination (JCCC) said on Tuesday. Another six civilians were wounded and 45 houses and infrastructure facilities were damaged in the designated period. In the previous 24-hour period, the JCCC recorded 65 Ukrainian strikes at the DPR in which four civilians were killed another 14 were wounded.

💬 “Over the past 24 hours, nine civilians were reportedly killed in the Kuibyshevsky, Kirovsky (including a 25-year-old Russia Today television journalist who was killed in the explosion of a banned PFM ‘Lepestok’ mine) and Petrovsky districts of Donetsk, Gorlovka and Vladimirovka, ” the JCCC said.

War Propaganda About Ukraine Starting to Wear Thin (Chay Bowes)

Permalink The Unvaccinated Will Be Vindicated: A 100K Thank You to the Citizen Heroes of Our Time

Mandates are now becoming a thing of the past, thanks to brave freedom fighters who had the courage to say NO. | esterday (8/15/22), I hit 100K subscribers on Telegram. And wow, what a wild ride. I am truly living the dream as I've turned a passion of mine into a career. And I want to thank you all for your support, as YOU were the ones to help make that happen. I made a video compilation for the occasion, and my initial intent was to showcase the events of the past year from my point of view. But in the process, I came to a realization. When you reflect on where we were then and where we are now, you can’t help but think, “Wow. I am so thankful for the progress we’ve made.” Because the unvaccinated were on the verge of being “othered” to the point of being sent straight to the gulags...

Permalink The "safe and effective" narrative is falling apart

Here is my list of over 50 leading indicators that the momentum is moving in our favor. I'd be surprised if the narrative doesn't fall apart soon. It's now unravelling quickly in the UK.

Here is my list of nearly 100 indicators that the “safe and effective” narrative is falling apart. It is a devastating list. And for some reason, nobody wants to fact check me on it. It will take you 42 minutes to read everything which is too long for most people, so feel free to pick and choose what you read to get a sense for the entire list. This is a “kitchen sink” article listing some of the best examples showing that the narrative is falling apart. Feel free to create derivative works of this list (e.g., pick your set of the most compelling arguments). (Steve Kirsch)

Permalink Everything you wanted to know about masks and COVID and were not too afraid to ask - VIDEO

Mask expert shares his abundant knowledge and experience. Spoiler alert: THEY DON'T WORK. But they DO CAUSE HARM.: Masks have not ever been and cannot be an effective control for airborne virus control. Engineering controls (air filtration/circulation and destruction) have been the solution for 80 years with good reason.

Stephen Petty:
1. Certified industrial hygienist;
2. Certified safety professional;
3. Professional engineer;
4. 45 years in the field of health and safety, trying to protect workers and the public from toxins;
5. Named/testified in over 400 legal cases related to exposure control and personal protective equipment

Talks us comprehensively through 50 years of evidence showing the ineffectiveness of masks in mitigating SARS-Cov-2, the COVID virus. (VIDEO)

Permalink Why are Lebanon’s military judges releasing dozens of Israeli spies?

Hundreds of Lebanese detainees have been released, despite the serious charges of espionage on behalf of Israel. In the past few months, Lebanese security services have arrested more than 100 people implicated in alleged Israeli spy networks. Among these were young women tasked with photographing locations in the predominantly Shia southern suburbs of Beirut, the main stronghold of Hezbollah, and the primarily Sunni neighborhood of Tariq Al-Jadida in the western part of the city.  For months now, Lebanon has been subjected to an unprecedented covert Israeli assault, during which Israel’s spy agency Mossad has recruited hundreds of Lebanese citizens to do its dirty work. This uptick in espionage activity in the country is no coincidence. Under the guise of private companies looking for employees, the Israeli Mossad is taking advantage of the difficult economic crisis that Lebanon is going through to recruit agents and assign them intelligence gathering missions.

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