Permalink Poll: Over 75 Percent of Americans Believe the Deep State Has Destroyed the Rule of Law

A new poll from the Trafalgar Group has shown that nearly 79 percent of Americans understand that there is a separate standard of laws that are applied to the politically connected while the rest of us live under an entirely different set of rules.

The results show 79.3 percent of Americans believe there are two tiers of laws – one that applies to Washington D.C. insiders and another that applies to ordinary Americans. Only 11.6 percent of Americans believe that laws are applied under an equal standard while 9.1 percent of Americans are unsure of the question. The results of the poll, which was conducted by Trafalgar in conjunction with the Convention of States Project.  It is worth noting that the poll was conducted between the days of July 24 and 28, well before the FBI conducted a politically-motivated raid on President Donald Trump’s home. Now, these numbers would likely be even higher in terms of awareness of the deep state’s national injustice.

Permalink Latvian Parliament declares Russia a "state sponsor of terrorism"

Latvian Parliament declares Russia a "state sponsor of terrorism" - The Parliament of Latvia (the Saeima) has declared Russia a state sponsor of terrorism, the parliament said in a statement published on its official website on Thursday.  On August 11, the Saeima adopted a statement, which recognizes activities of Russian troops in Ukraine as terrorism and declares "Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism."

China threatens Lithuania with response - China has denounced the visit of a Lithuanian official to Taiwan and vowed a resolute response to the move, which it describes as an affront to the ‘One China’ principle, according to a statement by a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson on Thursday.  Last week, Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that Lithuanian Deputy Minister of Transport and Communications Agne Vaiciukeviciute had arrived at the self-governing island along with an 11-person delegation for what is expected to be a five-day visit.  The visit comes shortly after US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi traveled to the island on August 2, a move that sparked a fierce reaction from Beijing but was nevertheless celebrated by the government in Vilnius.

Permalink Strange Happenings in Germany

The German Green Party is trying to set up information centers for neighbors to report each other for political incorrectness. It’s almost like the Stasi never ended. Please share this video!

Permalink Simple Question Breaks Anti-Trump Protester's Brain - VIDEO

Protester: "I don't know any other former president that had committed this many PROVABLE criminal acts."
Reporter: What are the provable criminal acts?
Protester: ... "I'm Done Talking"

Permalink Ukrainian neo-Nazies (Telegram Videos 18+)

After failing to "evacuate" their "heroes" and finding out that the Azov prisoners have began to give horrific testimonies of their war crimes and criminal orders given by their superiors, the Ukrainian regime decided to send their newly acquired high precision HIMARS rockets into the baraks of the 130th military prison, where they previously asked the Russian side to keep their prisoners. As a result over 50 "heroes" have been burned to absolute ash.  Ukrainian officials and the "free media" immediately began to accuse Russia of conducting this attack to hide the tortures and war crimes against Azov prisoners but were immediately shamed for their lies when the Russian MD published fragments of the exploded HIMARS rocket inside the prison. That's all we need to know about Ukrainian officials and the media.


The words are not mine, these are comments under the interview of Zelensky and his wife to British journalist Piers Morgan. The material is not fresh, but it still surprises me how the Ukrainian president says "I haven't laughed like that for a long time." And it's not funny to us, Vladimir Alexandrovich. And people are not laughing in the comments in French to this video:

"What a misfortune for the people of Ukraine"
"A clown in a palace does not become a king. Rather, the palace becomes a circus"
"He constantly demonstrates that he plays a certain role"
"How could people put their destinies in the hands of this humorist?"

Permalink Putin issues DIRE nuclear warning, demands U.N. help after Ukrainian shelling - Telegram (Link to You Tube)

"Russia has called for an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council over the repeated shelling of the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant. Moscow wants the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), the UN nuclear watchdog, to brief the other members on the situation at Zaporozhye, so that the public can be made aware of ‘Ukrainian provocations.’ The meeting is due to take place on Thursday. Russia has accused Ukraine of subjecting the plant to drone and artillery strikes. Ukraine has denied the attacks, and has accused Russia of using the plant as a military base. Russia maintains control over the plant, which is staffed by Ukrainian workers. The IAEA has not had access to the site since the start of the conflict in Ukraine due to security concerns, and it has condemned the fighting that has taken place in and around the plant, warning of ‘the very real risk of a nuclear disaster,’ and of the dangers of proliferation of nuclear material." (Vanessa Beeley -Telegram)

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