Permalink 31 martyrs, including 6 children, in Israeli continued aggression on the Gaza Strip

of victims of the continuous Israeli aggression for the third day on the besieged Gaza Strip has risen to 31, including six children, in addition to wounding more than 260 Palestinians.

Occupied Jerusalem, SANA | The aggression of the occupation has caused great damage to Palestinian homes, properties and infrastructure, which will exacerbate the humanitarian crisis suffered by the Palestinians in the Strip. The Israeli occupation’s prevention of the entry of fuel into the Gaza Strip threatens to stop the medical services provided by hospitals in the coming hours due to the shutdown of the power plant and the shortage of fuel needed to operate the generators. In response to the continuous Israeli aggression, the Palestinian resistance renewed today targeting the Israeli occupation settlements in the occupied city of Jerusalem and on the outskirts of the Gaza Strip.

Times of Israel: Joint List MK: Lapid went to war to win election, ‘at expense of Palestinian blood’ - An Israeli Arab politician slammed Prime Minister Yair Lapid on Sunday, claiming he launched the operation in Gaza in an attempt to win the upcoming Knesset election “at the expense of Palestinian blood” and criticizing the Israeli public, which he claimed had “lost its humanity.” [...] Abou Shehadeh said the thing that frightened him most was that the Israeli society and media had completely aligned behind what he called a “massive machine of destruction.”

Biden praises Israel for saving ‘countless lives’   [no comment...]
Palestinian Authority spox: Israeli aggression on Gaza, al-Quds, Jenin crosses all red lines (PressTV)
IRGC: Israeli crimes in Gaza speed up collapse of usurping, occupying regime (PressTV)
Israeli Premeditated Cold-Blooded Murder (Stephen Lendman)
Gaza: at least 15 dead as a result of Israeli strikes (08/05/22)

Permalink Wall Street, the Nazis, and the Crimes of the Deep State – David A. Hughes

Introduction - The response to the “Covid-19 pandemic” has much in common with the birth of the Third Reich. Agamben, for example, likens the emergency legislation passed in 2020 to the suspension of the Weimar Constitution in 1933, and Davis explains how, through a raft of legislation being rammed through Parliament while the population’s attention is focused elsewhere, the UK is being turned into a constitutional dictatorship. UK government agencies now have the mandates to commit crimes with impunity; protests will be effectively criminalized or shut down under extraordinary police powers; online dissent will be censored; and journalists will no longer be allowed to report any information deemed contrary to the “national interest”.

Conclusion - The sinister reemergence of Nazi elements in contemporary liberal democracies offers compelling evidence that the worst elements of the Third Reich were not defeated in 1945, but were, rather, secretly incubated in preparation for their eventual return. The lynchpin for this has been the CIA, set up by Wall Street with such an eventuality in mind. Thus, when German lawyer Reiner Fuellmich claims, “We’re fighting the same people over again that we should have brought down 80 years ago,” the true criminals are those at the apex of the capitalist system, who are now, as in the 1920s and 1930s, seeking recourse to totalitarianism to deal with the acute crisis of capitalism. [...] Ever since its foundation, the CIA has been the rot at the heart of US democracy and democracy worldwide. For 75 years, it has been committing crimes that the Nazis would have been proud of, all to protect the interests of Wall Street and the Atlantic ruling class.

Permalink Sherman visits South Pacific to 'sabotage' region's growing ties with China

Global Times | US Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman continued her visit to South Pacific countries and met with Solomon Islands Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare in Honiara on Sunday, in what Chinese experts call a sinister attempt to sabotage China's growing ties with Pacific island countries as part of Washington's broad containment strategy against China. The US' attempt to stir up tension in the Asia-Pacific region, including the South Pacific, in an attempt to contain China's rise will not be endorsed by the South Pacific countries, as the countries will try to avoid being reduced to chess pieces in the game between the great powers, Chinese experts noted.

Permalink Canadian hospice group pushes to normalize euthanasia of children who are “suffering” – many due to vaccine injuries

Canadian Virtual Hospice (CVH) just published a children’s “activity book” that suggests “suffering” kids are prime candidates for assisted suicide, also known as euthanasia.

On July 26, CVH announced to the world via Twitter that its MAiD (Medical Assistance in Dying) publication is now ready. It was “[c]reated for young people who have someone in their life who may have MAiD,” the tweet explains alongside a colorful, pro-death graphic clearly designed to appeal to children. The publication contains many such images and graphics, as well as juvenile fonts, that ultimately lead kids to the discovery that there are three “medicines” that can kill a person. The goal is to make assisted suicide seem normal to children, as well as ease them into the idea that it is not just for old people. MAiD is filled with propaganda designed to brainwash children into believing that euthanasia is easy, painless – this one is highly disputed even within euthanasia circles – and appropriate for people of all ages who are experiencing great difficulties living.

Permalink I Did Not Comply: Testing Mandates and Escape From New York City

Addison Reeves | I did not comply with the unjust and tyrannical vaccine mandates imposed by politicians in New York, and as a result my life has dramatically changed, mostly for the better. As soon as the mandates were announced, I knew compliance would not be an option for me and that I would lose my job. I also knew that I would be unable to get another job in my field in New York due to the mandates and that I could not afford to live in New York City without a job. Consequently, I immediately worked on an exit plan and ultimately relocated to a more free locale.

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