Permalink 'Violation of Everything': Kremlin Blasts Lithuania's Rail Blockade of Russia's Kaliningrad Region

On Saturday, Kaliningrad governor Anton Alikhanov reported that Lithuanian Railways, a state-owned enterprise, had stopped the rail-based transit of sanctioned goods between Russia and its Baltic Sea exclave, citing "EU restrictions". The measure has cut the region off from up to half of all its rail-based imports.

💬 "This decision is truly unprecedented. It is a violation of everything. We understand it to be connected to the relevant decision made by the European Union - to extend sanctions to transit. We also consider it illegal," Peskov said, speaking to reporters on Monday. "We need a serious, in-depth analysis to work out our response decisions," Peskov said

Vilnius began enforcing a ban on the transit of goods subject to EU sanctions between mainland Russia and Kaliningrad on Saturday. Governor Alikhanov said construction materials, metal products, coal, cement, high tech products and other goods would be affected. Lithuanian Foreign Minister Gabrielius Landsbergis has indicated that the rail transit restrictions were introduced "after consultations with the European Commission and under its leadership."

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NATO Wants World War | Vox Popoli | That’s the only possible conclusion, which makes it obvious that the neocons – who have been banging the drums for war with Russia for years – are in full control of US, EU, and UK foreign policy. It appears the neocons are finally going to get the world war for which they have been agitating. However, I very much doubt it is going to go the way they planned for it to go, since they thought China was going to be on their side rather than the most powerful force against them.


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