Permalink "Er zerstört alles": Merkel's Putin-Bashing Gets Shriller. German Media Displays Stunning Collusion

Merkel fires accusations at Putin through her subordinates. In obvious collusion and scripted interviewing, German TV interviewer completes the attack by making all sorts of innuendo in loaded questions which Merkel refuses to contradict. An absolutely priceless article, for pointing out the crazy obseqiousness of the German TV "journalist" in a Merkel interview - where he practically announces that Putin is about to invade the Baltics. The German media is really one of the funniest things we have seen in a long time. First we thought, well, this is evidence of CIA infiltration of the top media, which seems to be an actual fact, and we still think this is widespread, and you can find many articles about it on this site. But it goes beyond that. It has something to do with the German national psyche. Their incapacity for subtleness and tact. It's quite entertaining. We think Merkel is going to completely self-destruct on this Russia thing. She is the Titanic and the Ukraine crisis and Russia policy is her iceberg. The fun is just beginning. This article comes originally form German Economic News, which is one of the very few German publications that allows this kind of criticism of the German media. We just run their stuff through Googletranslate, so its sometimes hard to read, but worth it, we think.


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