Permalink Israel threatens to bomb Gaza hospital housing 12,000 Palestinians

A few days after killing hundreds of people by bombing a hospital in the Gaza Strip, Israel has threatened to attack yet another such facility in the coastal sliver, which has come to house thousands of Palestinians. | On Friday, Reuters cited the Palestinian Red Crescent Society (PRCS) as saying that the Israeli military had warned it to "immediately evacuate" Gaza's al-Quds hospital. The facility is currently rendering services to more than 400 patients. It has also turned into a refuge for around 12,000 Palestinians, who have fled there amid a relentless Israeli war that has been pounding the Palestinian territory since October 7. The war has so far claimed more than 4,000 people. The PRCS described "70%" of the displaced Palestinians inside the hospital as "children and women," saying they "are in imminent danger."

Two war crimes with one stone: 'Israel' bombs Gaza refugee-full church (almayadeen.net)

Permalink Israel Deployed Its Submarine Fleet For Possible War With Iran, Hezbollah

The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) has deployed its submarine fleet across the Middle East, Doron Kadosh, a military correspondent for the IDF’s Radio Galatas, revealed on October 19. | Kadosh said on the X online social network, previously known as Twitter, that the deployment of the submarines was ordered to prepare for a possible confrontation with Iran and Lebanese Hezbollah, both of which are key allies of the Hamas Movement who led the October 7 surprise attack from the Gaza Strip against Israel.  The Israeli military correspondent also said that the IDF also destroyed mini unmanned submarines of Hamas and intercepted several rockets which were fired from Gaza at Israeli gas and oil rigs using the Iron Dome air defense system. The IDF is yet to confirm or deny these claims.  The Israeli Navy currently operates five Dolphin-class submarines, which were specially built in Germany. The newest two of the submarines are equipped with air-independent propulsion systems, which allow them to operate without access to atmospheric oxygen.

Permalink Italy Bans Bill Gates’ Lab-Grown Fake Meat over ‘Serious Health Concerns’

Italy has issued an emergency order to ban Bill Gates’s lab-grown fake meat products after the nation’s top experts warned of “serious health concerns.” | Numerous studies found the lab-grown fake meat products cause “turbo cancers” in humans. Meanwhile, in the US the Biden administration has fast-tracked approval of the controversial products for public consumption. Italy’s Health Minister Orazio Schillaci announced: 💬 “Italy is the first nation to say no to synthetic food, to so-called ‘synthetic meat’. “It does so with a formal and official act. “The resolution calls for a commitment to ban the production, marketing, and import of synthetic foods within our territory. “These regulations aim to regulate situations where the environmental public health could be at risk, or when there is uncertainty regarding the effects of certain products that are being or will be introduced to the market or consumed,” Schillaci continued. “It is crucial to have measures in place to address these potential risks and ensure the safety of the environment and public health in such cases,” he concluded.

Permalink Greta Thunberg posts 'Stand With Gaza' tweet, then deletes. Here's why

Greta Thunberg made a social media post in support of Palestine. Hours later, she deleted the post and re-posted the photo, but with slight editing. | The 20-year-old activist tweeted, “Today we strike in solidarity with Palestine and Gaza. The world needs to speak up and call for an immediate ceasefire, justice and freedom for Palestinians and all civilians affected.” But a stuffed animal in the photo drew public backlash, with several X users accusing Thunberg of sending out an “anti-semitic message”. Propaganda cartoonists have often used the image of an octopus to warn of a global Jewish conspiracy. It was a caricature deployed by the Nazis.  Greta Thunberg deleted the social media post and shared the photo again after editing out the stuffed toy. She wrote, “It has come to my knowledge that the stuffed animal shown in my earlier post can be interpreted as a symbol for antisemitism, which I was completely unaware of. The toy in the picture is a tool often used by autistic people as a way to communicate feelings.”

Permalink Top Doctors Raise Alarm over ‘Permanent’ Vax-Induced ‘Heart Damage’

Two prominent American doctors have spoken out to warn the public after a recent study found that young people have “permanent heart damage” after receiving Covid mRNA shots. | The disturbing study was published in the renowned peer-reviewed scientific journal Circulation. Researchers found that 50 percent of young men who developed Covid vaccine-induced myocarditis were left with permanent heart damage. Dr. Drew Pinsky addressed the study last week on The Megyn Kelly Show. Pinsky told Kelly that he was stunned by the lack of coverage of the research.

Permalink UK's Abraham Accords company and ‘flatlands’ of the Zionist movement

David Miller | How lobbying works | This is how Zionist lobbying works, Zionists are seeded throughout the economic, political, and cultural fabric of society – sometimes via the agency of only one family unit like the Jon and Nicola Mendelsohn – and can then be called upon to play both ends of any relevant game. All in all, the case of Mendelsohn shows that the peaks and troughs of Zionism from “right” to “left” are a mirage. What unites all Zionists is Zionism – a commitment to the ethnic cleansing of Palestine.

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