Permalink France "BANS" Pro-Palestinian Protests/Speech/Flags - Paris Now Erupting in Riots

France "BANS" Pro-Palestinian Protests/Speech/Flags | According to French Interior Minister Darmanin, the government of France decreed today there can be no "Pro-Palestinian" gatherings, protests, speech, writings, or even flags. Within hours, the people of France began to rise-up; there are now Riots in Paris and other cities.Social Media is now lighting-up with images and video of the Pro-Palestinian gatherings taking place.

Permalink Israeli Defense Minister: "We have abolished all the rules of war. Our soldiers will not be held responsible for anything. There will be no military courts”

Israel's Minister of Defense Yaov Gallant, told troops massing for a ground invasion of the Gaza Strip "We have abolished all the rules of war. Our soldiers will not be held responsible for anything. There will be no military courts.” | Even Adolph Hitler didn't go that far...Minister Gallant also told troops "I have released all the restraints, we have [regained] control of the area, and we are moving to a full offense. Hamas wanted a change in Gaza, it will change 180 degrees from what it thought. They will regret this moment, Gaza will never return to what it was." 💬 For anyone wondering whether or not Israel is planning an actual ground invasion of the Gaza Strip, Minister Gallant also answered that, telling Israeli troops "We started the offensive from the air. Later, we will also come from the ground." Confirming Gallant's point, Israel Minister of National Security says "Invasion of Gaza is now Imminent" He said Israel has now no other option rather then to start the Ground action. Social media postings show videos of the troops being briefed about the coming ground invasion.  What is taking place in Israel is not happening in a vacuum; other countries and entities are seeing what is going on, and they are making their positions about it very clear. In next-door Lebanon, the group Hezbollah, with whom Israel went to war in 2005, has warned if Israel launches a ground invasion of Gaza, Hezbollah will enter the war to defend Palestinians.

Iran warns Israel against its apocalyptic war (The People's Voice)
Israel bombs residential areas in Gaza for 5th day in a row (PressTV)

David Livingstone | Israel Created Hamas to Avoid Peace | Israel does not want peace. Israel created Hamas as a pretext to wage war on the Palestinians. Israel does not want peace. They want all of Palestine, and their belligerent settlement practices confirm that. But the Israelis are posturing as being willing to talk "peace", only to actually stall that peace process, so as to advance the further colonization of Palestine. Hamas' rockets are mere peashooters compared to Israel's air force but they provide another excuse for ethnic cleansing. 💬 "The masses are naive and fail to suspect the Machiavellian extremes that certain leaders will resort to. This includes creating a false enemy, in this case, Hamas, whereby the right-wing leadership of the Israelis can point the finger at some "enemy" to blame for supposedly stalling the process."

Permalink Qatar threatens to cut gas export if Gaza bombardment continues

Qatar threatened that if the bombing of Gaza does not stop, it will stop the export of gas to the countries of the world. | Palestinian resistance fighters launched Operation Al-Aqsa Flood against the positions of the Zionist regime in the occupied territories on Saturday morning from the Gaza Strip, which shocked the regime, because such an inclusive and unprecedented operation is occurring for the first time in the 75 years of occupation.  Retaliating the operation, The Israeli regime cut off water and power to the Gaza Strip from yesterday Tuesday and banned the entry of food and fuel to the strip where 2.2 people were living. Palestine's Ministry of Health also reported 1,100 people dead in Gaza and 27 others in the West Bank.

Jordan Moving Tanks and Troops to Israel Border (The Gateway Pundit)

Permalink White House backtracks on Biden’s ‘beheaded babies’ claim

The Israeli military says it is unable to “officially” substantiate the heinous allegation | US officials have backtracked after President Joe Biden claimed to have seen “confirmed pictures” of Palestinian militants “beheading children” in Israel, explaining that he had seen no images and was merely relaying claims from the Israeli government and media reports.  While Biden declared in an address tio Jewish leaders on Wednesday that he was shocked by photos depicting brutal acts against Israeli babies, a White House spokesperson later told the Washington Post that officials were unaware of the pictures the president claimed to have seen. They added that they had no independent confirmation of reports that children were beheaded during a Hamas attack on Israel last weekend, despite Biden’s claim of having seen “confirmed” images.

Permalink Belgium to Create $1.8Bln Aid Fund for Ukraine Using Stealing Russia's Assets

Belgium will create a 1.7 billion euro ($1.8 billion) fund to support Ukraine using "proceeds" from frozen stolen Russian assets, Belgian Prime Minister Alexander de Croo said on Wednesday. | Belgium will also provide Ukraine with F-16 fighter jets. 💬 "The third element is the constitution of a 1.7 billion Ukraine fund. That fund, the source of that fund are the billions of Russian assets that are being frozen in Belgium. In Belgium, we have taxation on the proceeds of those frozen Russian assets. Last year, it was very clear to us that the taxation on the proceeds of those assets should go a 100% to Ukrainian population," de Croo told a joint press conference with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in Brussels.

Permalink Press review: Gaza facing scorched earth or surgical strikes and US debt hits record high

Top stories from the Russian press on Thursday, October 12th | Experts mull scenarios of how the conflict between Israel and Palestine may unfold; the US national debt hits a new record high; and the purported blast near a Baltic Sea gas pipeline raises suspicions of a false narrative concocted for pushing further anti-Russian sanctions. These stories topped Thursday’s newspaper headlines across Russia.

Permalink Russian electricity ten times cheaper than in UK – banker

Low energy prices make Russian industry more competitive than its European rivals, a Sber official has said | Electricity costs for Russian consumers are nearly ten times lower than in the UK, and are roughly four times less than in the EU, a leading banker stated on Wednesday, referring to prices for households and businesses.  Anatoly Popov, deputy chairman of the board of Russia’s largest lender, Sber, was speaking at the Russian Energy Week forum in Moscow. 💬 “Electricity is cheap in Russia. If you take the price in Russia and the price that British industries pay, I do not know if there is any industry left with such prices, but the price is almost ten times lower in Russia than in the UK. In the EU, the prices for industrial consumers are four times higher per kilowatt/hour, and for households also 4-4.5 times higher,” Popov explained.  According to the British government website, floor unit prices for electricity for households averaged £0.34 ($0.41) per kWh over the past year. Russian consumers pay on average $0.04 per kWh.

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