Permalink Hundreds Dead: Israel PM Says ‘We Are at War’ After Hamas Attacks By ‘Land, Air, and Sea’

Hamas seized several villages in southern Israel, and Tel Aviv has conducted air strikes on Gaza, at least 200 Israelis and 230 Palestinians killed | Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared, “We are at war, this is not an operation,” after Hamas launched thousands of missiles and seized villages near Gaza. The political leader of Hamas said that the ongoing attacks are a response to the Israeli treatment of Palestinians at the al-Aqsa Mosque.  On Saturday morning, fighters from Hamas invaded villages near Gaza. The group says its fighters used paratroops, ships, and cut through the border fence to conduct the operations. Hamas claims it have captured several Israeli soldiers and villages.  Human rights groups consider Gaza an “open-air prison.” Most Palestinians living in the region are refugees. Gaza is one of the most densely populated areas on the planet, with 2 million people living in 140 sq. miles. Israel severely restricts the amount of food, fuel, and water the people of Gaza can access.

'Huge Mess': What's Known So Far About Hamas-Israel Armed Standoff? (Sputnik News)
Hamas claims ‘big number’ of Israeli captives (RT.com)

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