Permalink Nobel Peace Prize awarded to women’s rights activist

Iran’s authorities have detained the activist 13 times, convicted her five times, and sentenced her to a total of 31 years in prison where she remains to this day | The Nobel Peace Prize 2023 has been awarded to Iranian women’s rights advocate Narges Mohammadi, the Norwegian Nobel Committee announced.  According to the committee, Mohammadi receives the award "for her fight against the oppression of women in Iran and her fight to promote human rights and freedom for all."  Berit Reiss-Andersen, head of the Norwegian Nobel Committee, said that the award also recognized the hundreds of thousands of people who have demonstrated against Iranian discrimination and oppression of women. According to her, the "Woman-Life-Freedom" slogan adopted by the protesters, reflects Mohammadi’s defiance and work.

Permalink Top Climate Scientist Admits ‘Global Warming’ Is a Scam

One of the world’s leading climate scientists has admitted that the World Economic Forum’s green agenda is actually a scam designed to force the public into accepting globalism. | When Dr. Judith Curry's work gave her worldwide recognition after it was linked to “climate change,” Curry admits that she enjoyed the green agenda ride. “I was adopted by the environmental advocacy groups and the alarmists and I was treated like a rock star,” Curry recounts. [...] But then some researchers pointed out gaps in her research by highlighting the years with low levels of hurricanes. “Like a good scientist, I investigated,” says Curry. “Part of it was bad data,” she admitted. “Part of it is natural climate variability.” Curry says that she decided to speak out after her own work was exposed. [...] Her own experience made Curry realize that there is a “climate-change industry” set up to reward alarmism. “The origins go back to the . . . UN environmental program,” says Curry. Some United Nations officials were motivated by “anti-capitalism,” she revealed. “They hated the oil companies and seized on the climate change issue to move their policies along,” Curry explains.

Permalink Vladimir Putin's Full Speech at Valdai Discussion Club 2023

Russian President Vladimir Putin took part in the plenary session of the 20th anniversary meeting of the Valdai International Discussion Club. This year, the meeting’s theme was “Fair multipolarity: How to ensure security and development for everyone.” Read the full text of Putin's speech below. | Participants in the plenary session! Colleagues! Ladies and gentlemen!  I am glad to welcome you all in Sochi at the anniversary meeting of the Valdai International Discussion Club. The moderator has already mentioned that this is the 20th annual meeting.  In keeping with its traditions, our, or should I say your forum, has brought together political leaders and researchers, experts and civil society activists from many countries around the world, once again reaffirming its high status as a relevant intellectual platform. The Valdai discussions invariably reflect the most important global political processes in the 21st century in their entirety and complexity. I am certain that this will also be the case today, as it probably was in the preceding days when you debated with each other. It will also stay this way moving forward because our objective is basically to build a new world. And it is at these decisive stages that you, my colleagues, have an extremely important role to play and bear special responsibility as intel-lectuals.  Over the years of the club’s work, both Russia and the world have seen drastic, and even dramatic, colossal changes. Twenty years is not a long period by historical standards, but during eras when the entire world order is crumbling, time seems to shrink.

Putin outlines desired principles of international relations (RT.com)
Putin weighs in on Canadian parliament Nazi scandal (RT.com)

Permalink Olena Zelenska spends $1,100,000 on Cartier jewelry, gets sales employee fired

Zelensky’s wife reportedly spent $1,100,000 on a shopping trip in NYC while visiting the United States together with her husband to shore up continued support from Washington. | During the visit, Zelensky gave his first in-person address to the UN General Assembly, met with lawmakers on Capitol Hill, and also visited the White house. While Zelensky was blitzing Washington in urgent effort to bolster support for Ukraine, his wife Olena Zelenska was spotted on Fifth Avenue in NYC. [...] According to information collected by Boukari Ouédraogo from the Cartier store ex-employee, Olena Zelenska visited the boutique during her and her husband’s visit to New York. “I tried to take her on a quick tour, but she wasn’t interested,” the ex-employee further recalls.  Zelenska’s visit to the luxury boutique ended up in a very unexpected manner as she snapped at the employee who was trying to assist her with a “Who said I need your opinion?” rant.  After that, according to the boutique ex-worker, Zelenska had a talk with the manager. The ex-worker has no idea what the discussion was about but the next day she got fired from the boutique.   After receiving a “you’re fired” call the next day after Zelenska’s visit, the ex-employee decided to share her story about the bizarre encounter on the Instagram. She has managed to sneak away a copy of a receipt containing Zelenska’s purchases while packing her personal belongings at the boutique.  Thanks to Olena Zelenska’s aggressive behavior, her shopping habits went public again. Yes, it’s not the first time the wife of the Ukrainian president was spotted flashing cash in some luxury stores. (H/T: steigan.no)

Permalink Israeli forces target vehicle of two Palestinian youths, kill them near West Bank city of Tulkarm

Israeli forces have opened fire on a vehicle near the occupied West Bank city of Tulkarm, killing two Palestinian youths. | The victims, identified as Hudhayfah Fares and Abd al-Rahman Atta, were shot dead after Israeli troops targeted their car near the village of Shufah, south of Tulkarm in the northwestern part of West Bank, on Thursday. The Palestinian Health Ministry confirmed the death of Atta, 23, and Fares, 27, saying they were killed during confrontations with the occupying regime’s forces, Palestine’s official Wafa news agency reported. The two slain Palestinians were from the Tulkarm camp and lived in the suburb of Dhanaba, east of the city. Violent clashes erupted in the Tulkarm refugee camp after Israeli forces invaded it, and fired live rounds, stun grenades and teargas canisters towards Palestinians.

Permalink The Real History of the War in Ukraine: a Chronology of Events and Case for Diplomacy

Jeffrey D. Sachs | The American people urgently need to know the true history of the war in Ukraine and its current prospects. Unfortunately, the mainstream media ––The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, MSNBC, and CNN –– have become mere mouthpieces of the government, repeating US President Joe Biden’s lies and hiding history from the public. | Biden is again denigrating Russian President Vladimir Putin, this time accusing Putin of a “craven lust for land and power,” after declaring last year that “For God’s sake, that man [Putin] cannot stay in power.” Yet Biden is the one who is trapping Ukraine in an open-ended war by continuing to push NATO enlargement to Ukraine. He is afraid to tell the truth to the American and Ukrainian people, rejecting diplomacy, and opting instead for perpetual war.  Expanding NATO to Ukraine, which Biden has long promoted, is a U.S. gambit that has failed. The neocons, including Biden, thought from the late 1990s onward that the US could expand NATO to Ukraine (and Georgia) despite Russia’s vociferous and long-standing opposition. They didn’t believe that Putin would actually go to war over NATO expansion.

Permalink Germany: The Rehabilitation of Nazism is in Full Swing

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova | Germany: The Rehabilitation of Nazism is in Full Swing | The "Collective West" does not intend to abandon the goal of inflicting a strategic defeat on Russia, as they formulate it. There are calls in the German Bundestag to transfer Taurus cruise missiles to Kyiv as soon as possible. This was stated by the Chairman of the Defense Committee Marie-Agnes Stark-Zimmermann. She emphasized that she considers potential strikes by the AFU against Russian territory with these missiles justified.

Such a statement, drenched in Russophobia and revanchism, shows that Berlin has not yet realized what their thoughtless pumping of arms of the criminal Kyiv regime can lead to. In addition, the other day, responding to an opposition party's request for a public assessment of the activities of the SS division "Galicia", which during the Great Patriotic War included Ukrainian OUN-UPA fighters, the FRG government said that it was not ready to call the Banderites anti-Semites and Nazis in general.

I have the same question for Marie-Agnes Stark-Zimmermann. 👉 How does she feel about the SS division "Galicia"? It's so easy to answer this uncomplicated question. We'll all understand why she advocates continuing to pump the Kyiv regime full of weapons and considers potential AFU strikes on Russian territory justified. How? After all, it will not be difficult to answer the question about the attitude of the SS division "Galicia" and OUN-UPA in general.

What does all that I have given in the form of direct quotations and facts tell us? That it seems that the German leadership has forgotten the lessons of history, although, it would seem, it should have remembered them better than others, to be more sensitive and intolerant to any manifestations of hateful ideology, wherever it may occur.

But we see the opposite. Berlin denies the generally recognized fact of cooperation of Ukrainian nationalists with Hitler's Third Reich. ❗️ Hence the logical conclusion: in today's Germany, the rehabilitation of Nazism is in full swing. (T:DeepL.com)

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