Permalink American commanders take over command of Israeli operations in Gaza: report

American commanders have reportedly taken over the command of Israeli operations against the Gaza Strip given the deep-running confusion among Israeli military echelons. | Citing sources in the occupied territories of Palestine who are familiar with the matter, Tasnim News said, “Considering the mental and psychological disorder of most of the Israeli military commanders, some American commanders have taken over the leadership of ‘some of their operations’ since the beginning of the Zionist attacks against the Palestinian citizens in Gaza.” The American commanders, Tasnim said, are working hand in glove with their Israeli peers.  “The extreme psychological pressure caused by the extraordinary operations of the Palestinian resistance (the Al-Aqsa Storm) and the unprecedented losses inflicted on the Israelis have caused this psychological and mental confusion in such a way that many Israeli commanders are unable to make decisions,” the sources said.  According to the Tasnim report, operations leading to the massacre of Gaza citizens are also carried out jointly by America and Israel. Some of these American commanders participating in the attacks are advising their Israeli comrades to refrain from entering Gaza by land because the possibility of a heavier blow is very high and this battle is not considered a right risk.

Biden tells Netanyahu US ‘fully in support’ of Israeli ground invasion of Gaza (PressTV)

Permalink White House has discussed U.S. military response if Hezbollah attacks Israel

The White House has been discussing the possibility of using military force if Hezbollah joins the war in Gaza and attacks Israel with its huge arsenal of rockets, three U.S. officials and one Israeli official with knowledge of the situation tell Axios. | Lebanon-based Hezbollah joining the war would dramatically escalate the Middle East's worst conflict in decades — raising the likelihood of mass civilian casualties in Israel and Lebanon and possibly drawing in the U.S. The Israeli military — now focused mostly on Gaza — would have a significantly more difficult time fighting on two fronts simultaneously while missiles rain down on its bases and Israel's population centers.

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