Permalink 'Casus belli': What Kaliningrad blockade means for Russia

The transit of some goods through Lithuania has been blocked, raising concerns over shortages in Russia's exclave.

Lithuania blocked the rail transit of some Russian goods to the country’s Kaliningrad Region on Saturday. Vilnius explained the move by stating that the goods in question were sanctioned by the EU in connection with the conflict in Ukraine, and therefore can no longer pass through the bloc's territory even if they travel from one part of Russia to another.

Russia Demands Lithuania Lifts Ban on Transit of Goods to Kaliningrad (Antiwar.com)
Russia threatens Lithuania with ‘serious’ consequences (RT.com)
Putin gives update on newest Sarmat ICBM deployment (RT.com)
Putin announces deployment of S-500 air defense systems (RT.com)
US Vassal State Lithuania Risks Direct Confrontation with Russia (Stephen Lendman)
'Violation of Everything': Kremlin Blasts Lithuania's Rail Blockade of Russia's Kaliningrad Region (06/20/22)

Permalink Poroshenko: Minsk Agreement Was Only To Buy Time for Ukraine - Video

The Ukraine delegation, headed by Poroshenko, was there with the express intent to deceive.

Former Ukraine President Poroshenko admitted on television that the Minsk Agreement was a complete deception; was only signed to buy time for Ukraine to build its army and economy. He looked Hollande of France, Merkel of Germany, and Putin of Russia, their faces, and lied to them as he shook their hands. The Minsk Agreement of 2015 was a heartfelt and earnest effort by French President François Hollande, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Russian President Vladimir Putin, and representatives from Luhansk and Donetsk, to make a peace deal to stop the battles between Ukraine and the Donbass (Luhansk and Donetsk) which had already killed thousands of civilians.

Permalink CJ Hopkins: The Federal Republic of New Normal Germany

So, the government of New Normal Germany is contemplating forcing everyone to wear medical-looking masks in public from October to Easter on a permanent basis. Seriously, the fanatical New Normal fascists currently in charge of Germany’s government — mostly the SPD and the Greens — are discussing revising the “Infection Protection Act” in order to grant themselves the authority to continue to rule the country by decree, as they have been doing since the Autumn of 2020, thus instituting a “permanent state of emergency” that overrides the German constitution, indefinitely.

Go ahead, read that paragraph again. Take a break from the carnage in non-Nazi Ukraine, the show trials in the US congress, monkeypoxmania, Sudden Adult Death Syndrome, Sudden Bovine Death Syndrome, family-oriented drag queens, non-“vaccine”-related facial paralysis, and Biden falling off his bike, and reflect on what this possibly portends, the dominant country of the European Union dispensing with any semblance of democracy and transforming into a fascist biosecurity police state.

Permalink Covid-19 vaccination BNT162b2 temporarily impairs semen concentration and total motile count among semen donors

A retrospective longitudinal multicenter comparison. Eugenics über alles! Pfizer "vaccine" "temporarily" impairs semen concentration and lowers sperm count.

Discussion: This longitudinal study focused on SD demonstrates selective temporary sperm concentration and TMC deterioration three months after vaccination followed by later recovery verified by diverse statistical analyses. Conclusions: Systemic immune response after BNT162b2 vaccine is a reasonable cause for transient semen concentration and TMC decline. Long-term prognosis remains good.

Permalink BREAKING: Fifth largest life insurance company in the US paid out 163% more for deaths of working people ages 18-64 in 2021 - Total claims/benefits up $6 BILLION

Company cites "non-pandemic-related morbidity" and "unusual claims adjustments" in explanation of losses from group life insurance business: Stock falling, replaces CEO.

Five months after breaking the story of the CEO of One America insurance company saying deaths among working people ages 18-64 were up 40% in the third quarter of 2021, I can report that a much larger life insurance company, Lincoln National, reported a 163% increase in death benefits paid out under its group life insurance policies in 2021. This is according to the annual statements filed with state insurance departments — statements that were provided exclusively to Crossroads Report in response to public records requests.

The reports show a more extreme situation than the 40% increase in deaths in the third quarter of 2021 that was cited in late December by One America CEO Scott Davison — an increase that he said was industry-wide and that he described at the time as “unheard of” and “huge, huge numbers” and the highest death rates that have ever been seen in the history of the life insurance business.

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