Permalink U.S & UK Announce Aim to Create New Anti-Russia Military Alliance

Eric Zuesse | Because of their unexpected difficulties in getting Ukraine and Finland into their existing anti-Russia military alliance, NATO; both the U.S. and the UK Governments are now trying to create a new anti-Russian military alliance consisting of only themselves plus nations that border on Russia, so that U.S. & UK nuclear missiles can become posted onto Russia’s border a mere five-minutes-flying-time away from their blitz-nuclear-annihilating Moscow — too short a time for Russia to be able to launch its retaliatory weapons. The goal is to conquer Russia in such a fast manner that Russia won’t be able to retaliate to a sudden U.S. and UK nuclear attack. Ever since at least 2006, the goal has been to do this (it’s called “Nuclear Primacy” — the ability for the U.S. to win a nuclear war against Russia). However, obtaining this result from NATO is turning out to be too slow, if it will be able to be achieved, at all. And, therefore, the U.S. and UK Governments have designed an alternative method, which might be quicker.

Permalink Alarm Over Poll That Reveals Large Numbers of Canadians Believe in “Conspiracy Theories”

Ludicrous idea that powerful people work together to further their interests...

Paul Joseph Watson | Concerns are being raised over a poll which reveals large numbers of Canadians believe in “dangerous conspiracy theories,” such as the idea that global events are engineered by powerful cabals who are “working in secret against us.” The nationwide survey of 1500 adults, conducted by Abacus Data, illustrates how trust in mainstream sources of information and government institutions has plummeted. And apparently, this is a a terribly frightful thing.

Permalink Teen Daughter Of Triple Vaxxed Dem Congressman Who Shilled Deadly Vaccine to Teens "Unexpectedly Dies" In Her Sleep

His office announced Gwen’s passing in a short statement Monday, but provided no further information at the time. In new details, Rep. Casten recounted the night before the teen unexpectedly died. He said Gwen, his wife Kara and younger daughter Audrey had dinner together as a family that night and then Gwen went out with friends for a few hours. After she returned home, she said goodnight to her parents, texted a friend to make sure she got home OK and went to bed. She never woke up.

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Permalink German govt investigating Donetsk reporter Alina Lipp for saying certain things about Russia-Ukraine

It is only allowed to publish one-sided information that benefits the authorities | Alina Lipp: The German government is fighting against freedom of speech. I am a free journalist who covers the special operation in Ukraine. They are going to sentence me now to 3 YEARS IN PRISON for telling the truth. According to current German law, it is only allowed to publish one-sided information that benefits the authorities. Anything that goes against this unwritten law is punished by the biased judicial machine. But: The independent blogging community is ready to resist censorship in the West. I continue to work in Donetsk. Email me at: wombator2022@mail.ru. My Telegram channel: @neuesausrussland

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Ukraine Declares Journalist a 'Russian Terrorist' As Her Reporting Undermines Western Narratives (Video)

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