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The US and its allies want to make the country a “withering space” like Ukraine, the president has claimed | The West intends to do to Russia what it has done to Ukraine and many other nations – turn it into a dying, failed state, Russian President Vladimir Putin claimed in a keynote speech on Thursday. 💬 ”The West, which has colonial habits and is used to igniting national conflicts all over the world, has intentions that go beyond stalling our development,” the Russian leader told the Federal Assembly, a gathering of leading Russian officials and public figures. ”In place of Russia, they want a dependent, withering, dying space, where they can do whatever they want,” he added.

Nuland: Putin’s Russia is “not the Russia we wanted (02/29/24)
Dixi Et Animam Levavi (02/29/24)

Permalink Macron’s Idea to Send NATO Troops to Ukraine ‘Made Him Look Very Foolish’

The provision of Western aid to the Kiev regime has further exacerbated the current rift between Macron and Scholz, Dr. Gregor Spitzen, German political analyst and independent journalist, told Sputnik. | The past few days have seen Western media discuss "open display of discord" between French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz.  After Macron recently proclaimed that he refuses to rule out sending EU troops to Ukraine, Scholz rejected the idea by emphasizing that "there will be no soldiers on Ukrainian soil sent there" by European states or NATO members. 💬 "There has long been a certain antagonism" between Macron and Scholz, "and the issue of aid to Ukraine has only exacerbated the existing contradictions," Dr. Gregor Spitzen, German political analyst and independent journalist, said in an interview with Sputnik. "France's ill-considered initiative to send NATO ground troops to Ukraine made Macron look very foolish. The initiative was not even supported by NATO's main anti-Russian hawks - the UK and Poland. The idea was also viewed negatively in the US," Spitzen clarified.

Vast majority of French oppose Macron’s ‘troops in Ukraine’ comment – poll (RT.com)
Dixi Et Animam Levavi (02/29/24)

Permalink At least 70 Palestinians have been martyred and hundreds more injured in a new “Israeli” massacre in the northern Gaza Strip, on people waiting for humanitarian aid.

“Israel” Massacres Dozens of Palestinians Waiting for Aid, North Gaza | According to Palestinian media reports, “Israeli” troops attacked civilians who were waiting for humanitarian aid to arrive in Gaza City on Thursday, resulting in the martyrdom of at least 150 people and injuring of more than 1,000 others. Scores of wounded individuals were transferred to al-Shifa Hospital amid the “Israeli” entioty’s continued bombardment and shelling on Gaza City. The Palestinian Foreign Ministry condemned the cold-blooded “massacre” of civilians in the Nablsi Square. In a press statement, the ministry said the attack was part of the “Israeli” ongoing “genocidal war,” and called on the international community to “urgently intervene” to protect civilians.

Death toll of Palestinians killed by Israeli army while awaiting aid surges to 112 (Anadolu)
Seven Palestinian kids die of malnutrition amid Gaza war: Report (IRNA)
Warnings of Gaza hospitals turning into cemeteries and fears of an invasion of Rafah (Teller Report/Al Jazeera)
112 martyrs and hundreds wounded in the flour massacre in Gaza (Teller Report/Al Jazeera)
THE EXPRESSION OF HATRED FOR GENTILES (Richard Edmondson/Nahida Izzat) (10/04/14)

Permalink LIVE DAY 147 #Israel #Palestine

Israeli minister hails soldiers who killed over 100 aid-seekers in Gaza (PressTV)
US vetoes UNSC statement blaming IOF for Gaza's al-Rashid massacre (Al Mayadeen)
Gaza aid massacre: Palestinian envoy urges 'paralyzed' UN to stop Israel (PressTV)
THE EXPRESSION OF HATRED FOR GENTILES (Richard Edmondson/Nahida Izzat) (10/04/14)

Permalink 'This is for Gaza' Galloway says after victory in Rochdale byelection

The former Labour MP secures an impressive victory with 12,335 votes - 39.7% of the total. | Former Labour MP George Galloway secured the position of lawmaker for the English town of Rochdale on Friday. Galloway secured an impressive victory with 12,335 votes - 39.7% of the total - surpassing predictions and establishing a significant 5,697-vote majority. This marks Galloway's seventh parliamentary win and poses a challenge to Labour, a party he was once part of but was expelled for criticizing then-Prime Minister Tony Blair over the Iraq war.

Permalink WHO's Vigiaccess database holds over 5 million reports of harms including at least 58,091 deaths of men, women and children and WHO hasn't said a word...

Dr Tess Lawrie | We have submitted a research paper exploring these WHO data on the COVID-19 'Vaccines' and will keep you posted! | On February, 6, 2024, I presented research data on the Covid-19 ‘vaccines’ in the Irish Parliament to parliamentarians attending a special meeting on the World Health Organization (WHO) power grab. These research data were derived from the WHO’s Vigiaccess.org based on our newly submitted research paper exploring the COVID-19 ‘vaccine’ adverse reactions collected on this important international database.  Co-authored by Andrew Bryant and myself, the title of the research paper is ‘Exploring COVID-19 Vaccines ‘Safety Signal’ Data on Vigiaccess.org: A World Council for Health Report’. Below are snapshots of the main findings of the paper, which has been submitted to a peer-reviewed journal. Meanwhile, you can download a copy of the article preprint here.

Permalink Russia to ban gasoline exports for 6 months, RBC daily reports

Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin has approved a ban on gasoline exports for six months starting from March 1, the RBC daily reported on Tuesday, citing two sources. | The temporary export ban does not apply to the agreed volumes of supplies to the Eurasian Economic Union countries, Mongolia, Uzbekistan, Abkhazia and South Ossetia, RBC said. Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak earlier addressed the prime minister with a proposal to introduce the temporary ban. In a letter dated Feb. 21, Novak noted that seasonal demand for the fuel will soon pick up in the domestic market.

Russia to BAN Gasoline Exports for 6 Months (Hal Turner) [...] Yet no one is blind to the fact that such an export ban will severely harm Western countries who are presently supporting Ukraine in its conflict with Russia. Russia can increase and decrease oil, gasoline, and Diesel fuel production at will because they have so much of it. Europe was still getting gasoline, albeit thru secondary sources. Now, they get nothing. Nothing.

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