Permalink Pakistan confirms strikes against ‘terrorists’ on Iranian soil

Islamabad has accused Tehran of ignoring “serious concerns” over militants operating from its territory | Pakistan has said it launched a series of airstrikes on “terrorist hideouts” in southern Iran, claiming the “precision” operation neutralized several militants. The attack comes after Tehran acknowledged its own raids on another terrorist group based in Pakistan.  Meanwhile, Iranian officials, cited by local media, said that explosions in the Sistan-o-Balochistan province had killed seven non-Iranian nationals, including three women and four children. Tehran has also demanded an “immediate explanation” from Pakistan about the strikes, Iranian broadcaster Press TV reported, citing an unnamed informed source.

Iran condemns Pakistan’s border attack, summons Pakistani chargé d'affaires (PressTV)
Pakistan Launches Strikes on Iran's Saravan Region, Sistan, Balochistan Provinces - Reports (Sputnik News)
Pakistan attacks ‘terrorist hideouts’ in Iran (Al Jazeera)(Video)
India reacts to escalation between Iran and Pakistan (RT.com)


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