Permalink Israel Created 'Kill Zones' in Gaza. Anyone Who Crosses Into Them Is Shot

"In practice, a terrorist is anyone the IDF has killed in the areas in which its forces operate," says a reserve officer who has served in Gaza. | The Israeli army says 9,000 terrorists have been killed since the Gaza war began. Defense officials and soldiers, however, tell Haaretz that these are often civilians whose only crime was to cross an invisible line drawn by the IDF.  It was another routine announcement by the Israeli army. Following a rocket launch at Ashkelon, "a terrorist who had fired the rocket was identified, and an air force aircraft attacked and eliminated him." Ostensibly, this was another statistic in the roster of dead Hamas militants.  However, over a week ago, other documentation of the incident surfaced on Al-Jazeera. It showed four men, not one, walking together on a wide path, in civilian clothing. There is no one nearby, only the ruins of houses where people once lived. This apocalyptic silence in the Khan Yunis area was shattered by a loud explosion. Two of the men were killed instantly. Two others were wounded and tried to continue walking. Perhaps they thought they had been saved, but seconds later, a bomb was dropped on one of them. You can then see the other one falling to his knees and then, a boom, fire and smoke.

Israeli troops kill anyone entering 'extermination area' in Gaza (The Cradle)
Israeli Occupation Troops Kill Anyone Entering ‘Extermination Area’ in Gaza: Haaretz (Al Manar TV)
IDF deliberately targeted aid convoy – media (RT.com)
Israeli airstrike kills seven paramedics in South Lebanon (03/27/24)
Drone footage reveals Israel’s cold-blooded murder of Palestinians in Gaza (03/23/24)


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