Permalink Drone footage reveals Israel’s cold-blooded murder of Palestinians in Gaza

The death toll in Israel's campaign of genocide in Gaza has exceeded over 31,000 Palestinians | Israeli forces used drones to kill four Palestinian youths in Gaza in cold blood as they walked down a road in the city of Khan Yunis in Gaza, footage obtained by Al-Jazeera shows.  The drone first fired two missiles at the youths as they walked on dirt road, hoping to reach the remains of their destroyed homes. Israeli bulldozers had been active in the area but had withdrawn. Israeli forces continued to monitor the area by drone.  The missiles killed two of the youths. The other two tried to escape, but Israeli drones opened fire with missiles a third and fourth time, killing them both separately as well. The last youth had tripped and fallen and was on his knees in the road as the missile struck him.  The missiles obliterated the bodies, barely leaving a trace of them. The video shows the youths were unarmed and posed no threat to any Israeli forces. The drone was broadcasting video to an Israeli command center as it opened fire.  On Thursday evening, the Gaza Media Office stated that the killings constituted evidence of a “deep crisis within the Israeli occupation.” 💬 “We strongly condemn this crime in which the occupation army bombed four civilian youths with drones, killing them vindictively and turning them into scattered remains, indicating the magnitude of the deep crisis that this occupation is going through by killing in this monstrous manner,” the media office said. “The US administration, the international community, and the Israeli occupation bear full responsibility for the continuation of these crimes against Palestinian civilians for the sixth consecutive month (of the war),” it added.

واشنطن تعلق على مشاهد قتل مسيّرة إسرائيلية 4 مدنيين عزّل بغزة (Al Jazeera)
EU funds multiple Israeli drone projects used in Gaza: Watchdogs (Al Mayadeen)


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