Permalink IOF suffer dozens of casualties, raising total to 3,757

The Israeli military admits to a new batch of injuries, 28 of whom fell in unspecified locations. | Israeli media outlets have circulated footage of several military helicopters transporting casualties from the Gaza Strip to hospitals in occupied Palestine, in what has been described as an "unusual" incident on Friday morning.  Concurrently, Israeli military reports have revealed that 62 Israeli occupation troops have been wounded in a period ranging from March 21 to March 28, pushing the total number of injuries among occupation forces to 3,160.  In the last updated form of Israeli troops killed since October 7, 2023, Israeli occupation forces (IOF) admitted to 597 deaths among its members. The total number of casualties (deaths and injuries) admitted by Israeli authorities has reached 3,757.

Al-Qassam brigades ambush Israeli troop carrier in Khan Yunis (Albawaba.com)
Iraqi Resistance group attacks Haifa Airport (Mehr News)


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