Permalink President Raeisi: Israel’s heinous crime will not go unanswered

Iran’s President Ebrahim Raeisi says Israel has resorted to indiscriminate assassinations after back-to-back failures in the face of the resistance, warning that the regime’s latest crime against Iranian military advisers in Syria “will not go unanswered.” | Raeisi made the remarks in a statement released on Tuesday, a day after Israeli airstrikes destroyed Iran's consulate building in Damascus and killed seven military advisors of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC). He condemned Israel’s “inhumane invasion” as a “flagrant violation of international regulations” and extended condolences to the Iranian nation over the martyrdom of the IRGC advisors. The usurping Zionist regime, he added, has committed another “terrorist crime” and stained its “dirty hands” with the blood of several Iranian generals and officers.

UN Security Council to hold emergency meeting on Israeli strike on Iran’s Syria consulate (PressTV)
Iran’s FM: US Should be Answerable To ‘Israeli” Attack (Alahed News)
Israeli airstrike on Damascus destroys Iranian consulate building — TV (04/01/24)


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