Permalink Ukrainian Woman Dies a Day After Converting to Islam in Uae While Fasting, Thousands Attend Her Funeral - VIDEO

Thousands of people came together in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to say goodbye to a Ukrainian woman who recently converted to Islam. Tragically, Daria Kutsaryenko, 29, died in Dubai the day after she converted to Islam and observed her first Ramadan fast. | Kutsaryenko had been studying Islam for some time before to coming to Dubai in pursuit of work. At a nearby mosque in the emirate, she publicly accepted Islam as her religion, demonstrating her dedication to it. Her tragic death, however, abruptly ended her newfound journey, leaving a society profoundly touched by her tale.  Following the Friday congregational prayers, mourners gathered at the Martyrs Mosque in Dubai for Kutsaryenko's funeral procession, which attracted sizable crowds.  Her sudden passing and the events surrounding her conversion have spurred discussions about tolerance, faith, and the process of learning Islam. An increasing number of people are embracing Islam in the UAE, which is renowned for its openness and variety. In 2021 alone, there were over 3800 new Muslims registered.


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