Permalink The Covid "pandemic" theater 🎭

Permalink Massive Media Coverup After Putin’s Hypersonic Missiles Decimate NATO Command in Ukraine

Russia Destroys the NATO G-3 ‘Operations Center’ for Ukraine with up to 2 Dozen US and British Officers Killed | NATO’s press assets are doing everything possible to avoid several painful truths.

Russia’s Kinzhal and other hypersonic missiles make NATO’s entire military posture a joke, Russia can destroy it all, underground bases, aircraft carriers and anything else
Russia can build dozens of hypersonic missiles a week, not a month or year…their design is based on the Iskandar and uses key components in mass production for other systems….Russia will NOT run out of missiles
Missiles shot down by NATO/Ukraine were all target drones, Soviet era flyable scrap that exists in not the thousands but tens of thousands
Russia now threatening to hit Ukraine’s ‘rear’ in Poland as well with NATO succumbing to blackmail with the Continental US bare to Russian nuclear attack and totally undefended unlike Israel.

It’s been 72 hours since Russia’s retaliatory attack on Ukraine hit NATO command and control, perviously “hands off’ for Russia but no more. When Ukrainian forces began firing on civilian cars inside Russia and wounded a ten year old boy trying to protect his fremale [?] classmates from being trafficked by Khazarian pedophiles, we enter a new stage in the war.

Horrific Slaughter: Russia Finally Admits to Destroying NATO’s Deep Underground Command Bunker
2nd Kinzhal Attack Hits NATO’s Western Command Center 80 meters Underground, 40 Killed (TID)

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