Permalink COVID-19 Vaccine Massacre: 68,000% Increase in Strokes, 44,000% Increase in Heart Disease, 6,800% Increase in Deaths Over Non-COVID Vaccines

The corporate media is now controlled by the interests of Big Pharma which has spent over $1 BILLION in promoting COVID-19 vaccines. See: Local, National Media Paid $MILLIONS To Push COVID-19 Vaccines. Even last night’s Oscar’s show was sponsored by Pfizer and BioNTech.

So when this corporate media now switches their focus to trying to convince the American public that Russia and Putin are a threat to our national security, that’s an indication to look around and see what they are trying to cover up and hide. And one does not have to look very far to see the damaging effects of their COVID-19 vaccines. The government’s own database of Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) through March 18, 2022 shows that there are unprecedented increases in recorded deaths and injuries following COVID-19 vaccines for the past 15 months since they were issued emergency use authorizations (EUAs), as compared to recorded deaths and injuries reported following all FDA-approved vaccines for the previous 30 years.

Permalink More than half a million refugees flee from Donbass and Ukraine to Russia

Moscow, SANA- Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations stated that the number of refugees from Donbass and Ukraine to Russia has exceeded half a million people.

💬 “Since the beginning of the escalation of the military conflict, 529,347 people have already crossed the border into Russia, including 107,065 children,” the Ministry was quoted by RIA Novosti news agency as saying a statement on Thursday.

A large-scale evacuation of the civilian population from the Donetsk and Lugansk republics began after the special military operation in Ukraine was announced by Russia in mid-February with the aim of protecting civilians in Donbass from the practices of extremists and Nazis in Ukraine.

Permalink Global Times Editorial: Arms merchants, politicians, experts, think tanks batten on corpse of Ukraine

Amid the Russia-Ukraine conflict, arms dealers have made a big fortune in the ongoing war, and financial predators have also missed no opportunity to take full advantage of the situation. Moreover, in the US, there is a group of “politicians, experts, or think tanks” who live by creating imaginary enemies and attacking Russia or China. These warmongers are “vampires” feeding on the bloody turbulence in other countries. Observers predict that the post-war reconstruction of war-torn Ukraine may involve huge amounts of money, and US companies, along with transnational corporations, will be the main beneficiaries of Ukraine’s reconstruction.

The Democratic and Republican parties in the US are generally divided on many topics, from climate change to same-sex marriage, but there is one exception – the defense expenditure. In 2020, the US spent nearly $780 billion on its military. The figure was more than the total expenditure of the other nine countries following the US that spent the most on the military in the same year combined. To justify such a large military expenditure, the US had tried to incite wars around the world, with the Russia-Ukraine conflict their latest target.

Permalink Hohols caught on camera using red cross vehicle to transport their soldiers

'Hohol' - Derogatory Russian word for someone who is from Ukraine. (Urban Dictionay)

Permalink Russia offers SWIFT alternative for dollarless trade with India — report

Moscow and New Delhi are discussing rupee-ruble payments

The Indian government is reportedly considering Moscow’s proposal to turn to the Russian payment system, which allows direct rupee-ruble transfers in bilateral trade. The mechanism developed by the Russian central bank is expected to boost commerce between the two countries by avoiding dollar-denominated trade, and allow the world’s third biggest oil consumer to continue purchases from Russia, bypassing Western sanctions. The scheme involves rupee-ruble-denominated payments via Russia’s messaging system, SPFS. The final decision is expected to come after a two-day visit of Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov to India, according to unnamed people with knowledge of the matter, as quoted by Bloomberg. Lavrov’s visit to India is scheduled for Thursday, and Russian central bank officials will reportedly visit the country next week to discuss the details.

Permalink Ukraine: IT'S OVER

💬 Has anyone realized that the Ukraine army is probably being directed by NATO commanders? That this is actually a NATO versus Russia war? Think about it: AFU men have been trained in NATO tactics and communications methods, and use NATO equipment and weapons. So it would be easy for NATO generals and staff in Brussels — or the Pentagon — to essentially get in the driver’s seat and direct the AFU to do it’s bidding. So these losses on the part of the AFU are actually NATO losses. This matters because the Russians have been in essence fighting with one hand tied behind their back — because they explicitly want to cause as little damage as possible to civilian infrastructure — and on top of that they’ve been fighting with an extremely small army compared to the defenders. This might be why NATO has no intention of committing American or European troops and really going to war with the Russians — because they ARE fighting a war against the Russians. And losing spectacularly. (Gonzalo Lira)

Permalink VIDEO: DPR Special Forces Soldier Reveals Situation In Mariupol As It Is

The fighting in Ukraine is accompanied by a fierce information war. Both sides of the conflict seek to embellish their successes and attribute defeats to their enemy. This is done by various means, up to the production of fakes and staged videos, which is mainly done by the Ukrainian side. In turn, the Russian side is trying to embellish its successes by choosing the needed shoots from fragments of video recordings.

In the video, the soldiers of the special forces of the DPR described the real situation in Mariupol, criticizing the hooray-patriotic approach of many Russian and local journalists. He notes that there is a hard war going on, when the real victory may be achieved only on the battlefield, and not on the screens. He emphasizes that the approaches used by Ukrainian propagandists should be avoided, and it is necessary to provide the audience with the real image of the ongoing developments, as in a war, the one who tells the truth always wins. [VIDEO]


Permalink G3P: Global Public-Private Partnership

All clear who they are now? (Click on image)(@robinmg)(ARTICLE)

Permalink Just-Released Docs Reveal NIH Deleted COVID Data For Wuhan Researcher

An eye-opening 238 pages of just-released documents from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) disclose that in June 2020—at the request of researchers at China’s Wuhan University—the NIH deleted information about COVID-19 genetic sequencing.

The tranche of emails, obtained by the non-partisan group Empower Oversight following a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request, reveal the frenzy of activity at the NIH following the deletions and show that an expert advised then NIH Director Francis Collins and Dr. Anthony Fauci that the coronavirus driving the global pandemic originated outside of the Wuhan food market as asserted by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Requested last summer, the documents obtained by Empower Oversight highlight the circumstances surrounding the significant deletions by the NIH and are in stark contrast to the agency’s “best practices of scientific openness and collaboration.”

Permalink EU advisers urge full NATO membership for Israel

Israel has been urged to join NATO after two diplomatic experts said “it is time to start building” towards full membership of the intergovernmental military alliance.

Israel took a step closer to NATO in 2014 when it was granted the so-called ‘Major Non-NATO Ally’ classification which added additional support on both defence and energy infrastructure. Further steps have been taken in 2016 when Israel was allowed to launch its liaison office at NATO headquarters and in 2017 after it formally signed a cooperation agreement with the defence bloc.

Permalink DPR to consider joining Russia after liberation of all Republic - Pushilin

Donetsk, Mar 29 - DAN. The Donetsk People’s Republic will consider the issue of joining the Russian Federation after complete liberation of its territory, DPR Head Denis Pushilin said at a news conference on Tuesday.

💬“As for joining the RF, as for this wish and drive, they have been obvious since 2014 - the wish to be in Russia,” Pushilin said. “ However, the main task today is to regain the constitutional borders of the Republic. Then we’ll make up our mind.”

Russia recognized the independence of the Donbass Republics on February 21. The special military operation aimed at demilitarization and denazification of Ukraine began three days later. The Republics’ armed forces launched the liberation of their territories to as far as their constitutional borders, i.e. the former administrative borders of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions as of 2014.

Ukrainian missile destroys two storeys of Donetsk residential house (Donetsk News Agency)

Permalink Briefing by Russian Defence Ministry

The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation continue the special military operation in Ukraine.

High-precision air-based missiles have destroyed large fuel depots in Starokostantinov and Khmelnitskii districts from which fuel had been supplied to Ukrainian forces' armoured vehicles in Donbass.

Iskander operational and tactical missile system has destroyed 2 large missile and artillery weapons depots in Kamenka, Donetsk Region.

During an aireal battle, 1 Ukrainian Air Force Su-24 has been shot down near Tumen, Roven Region, near the Ukrainian-Belarusian border.

Air defenсe means of the Russian Aerospace Forces shot down 10 Ukrainian unmanned aerial vehicles near Izyum, Novaya Kakhovka, Donetsk, Nikolaev, Berdyansk, Gorlovka, Lugansk and Rubezhnoe.

During the day, operational-tactical aviation and missile troops hit 64 military assets of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Among them: 4 command posts, including the headquarters of the Ukrainian special operations forces near Bereznigovatoe, Nikolaev region, 3 anti–aircraft missile systems - 1 S–300 near Malin cuty, Zhitomir region and 2 Buk-M1 near Ugledar and Slavyansk. 3 multiple launch rocket systems, 2 artillery batteries and 49 areas of concentration of weapons and military equipment and strongholds of the Ukrainian Armed Forces were also destroyed.

In total, 124 aircfaft and 77 helicopters, 214 unmanned aerial vehicles, 321 unmanned aerial vehicles, 1,752 tanks and other armored combat vehicles, 184 multiple launch rocket systems, 734 field artillery and mortars, as well as 1,640 units of special military vehicles of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were destroyed during the operation. [MORE]

Permalink American destroyer with 96 cruise missiles deployed 45 kilometers from Russian borders

The destroyer of the US Navy is deployed 45 kilometers from the Russian borders. A few hours ago, the American missile destroyer USS Forrest Sherman was deployed in the Baltic Sea, carrying 96 Tomahawk cruise missiles. We are talking about another gross US provocation directed against Russia. Moreover, the United States does not hide at all its intentions to increase tension near the Russian borders. At the moment, the American warship is in the port of Gdansk, however, its appearance near the Russian borders is a deliberate provocation.


Permalink Russian sources: New wave of Idleb terrorists transferred to Ukraine via Turkey

Moscow, SANA- Russian sources revealed that a new wave of terrorists from Idleb have joined Ukrainian extremists via Turkey.

The number of terrorists who left Idleb countryside to Ukraine two days ago reached 87, the majority of them are of Iraqi, French and Chechen nationalities,” Sputnik quoted the sources as saying, adding that the terrorists were transported via Turkey on Thursday and Friday. The sources said that the terrorists belong to Daesh organization before merging in other terrorist organizations.

New batch of ex-ISIS members transferred from Syria to Ukraine (The Cradle)
450 Arab and foreign extremists from Idlib arrive in Ukraine (almayadeen.net)
Business and Conquest: Kolomoisky and the Jihadis-For-Hire (Strategic Culture Foundation)

💬 A few weeks ago Zelensky released prisoners with combat experience from jails. What they didn't told you it's that some of this prisoners are the infamous Tornado Battallion imprisoned for raping minors in front of their parents. (More HERE)

Permalink The West will fight Russia to the last Ukrainian: A massive program to train and equip Ukrainian soldiers for a full-scale war with Russia

💬 ...at least 32 countries have announced their intention to ship billions of dollars in weapons into Ukraine for use against Russian forces in Ukraine. Photographic evidence shows that these weapons have already ended up in the hands of neo-Nazi paramilitaries – units which have already received training and arms the US and its NATO allies.

💬 All of this builds on $3.8 billion in military aid from the United States to Ukraine, the training of 55,000 Ukrainian soldiers by Canada and the United Kingdom, and a longstanding CIA program aimed at cultivating an anti-Russian insurgency. Months before Russia launched its operation inside Ukaine, the CIA launched a program to train Ukrainian fighters for an insurgency. Meanwhile, weapons furnished by NATO allies have been placed in the hands of the Azov Battalion, a neo-Nazi former paramilitary organization incorporated into the Ukrainian National Guard. The governments of Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom have presided over a massive program to train and equip Ukrainian soldiers for a full-scale war with Russia. Trainees have included top commanders of the Azov Battalion[...]. (More HERE)

Who and how exported Bulgarian weapons to Ukraine: documents (Dilyana Gaytandzhieva)

Permalink Comment by Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova on the outcomes of the European Council meeting in Brussels on March 24-25, 2022

💬 The results of the European Council’s meeting, held jointly with US leaders, reaffirmed the fact that the collective West needs Ukraine – a country that is completely controlled by Washington and in the grips of Russophobia – only as a geopolitical battering ram against Russia. This is why Ukrainian neo-Nazis are given money, weapons and ammunition which they use to kill civilians.

💬 The EU leaders’ attempts to assume the role of defenders of international law while accusing Russia of violating it are particularly inappropriate. As a reminder, in circumvention of the UN Security Council, the Western countries unleashed a series of military “humanitarian interventions” in former Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya and Syria and have been turning a blind eye to the genocide organised by Kiev in Donbass for many years now. With regard to “war crimes,” since 2014 Russia’s Investigative Committee has opened hundreds of criminal cases against the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the national battalions for the atrocities they have committed against civilians in Donbass. [More here]

Permalink Russia-Ukraine peace talks underway in Turkey

A new round of talks intended to end the Ukraine conflict began in Istanbul on Tuesday morning. Moscow and Kiev have previously held three rounds of in-person talks and further contacts via video link, but the exchanges have failed to yield a major result.

The sides have failed to reach significant progress in resolving the conflict during previous rounds of talks. They did, however, agree to establish civilian evacuation routes from besieged cities, including Mariupol, an Azov Sea port that is completely surrounded by Russian and Donbass troops. Moscow’s stated list of demands for Kiev includes the recognition of Crimea as part of Russia, and the breakaway Donbass republics of Donetsk and Lugansk as independent states. The republics broke away from Ukraine shortly after the 2014 coup in Kiev. Crimea voted to leave Ukraine and join Russia in the same year. Russia also said it was seeking the “demilitarization” and “denazification” of Ukraine.

Alarming Results Of Another Round Of Negotiations Between Ukraine And Russia (South Front)
Russia, Ukraine wrap up first day of talks in Istanbul — TV (TASS)

Comment by Another World Is Possible: The negotiations in Turkey, or any other negotiations somewhere else, will for the foreseeable future be pure theater. The Kiev regime is not in power in Ukraine and Zelensky is doing precisely what “they”, the neo-cons, tell him to do. They want him to pretend to find a negotiated solution and keep doing it for as long as it takes. Negotiations are pure propaganda. It’s a side show. This fundamentally is a relentless war of attrition. — The neo-cons will not give in and the Russians are in a fight for their very existence. They cannot but fight to the bitter end. Either that, or they will become what the Ukraine is now. Further ahead, Ukraine will be fragmented as will the US. Europe very well become a smoldering, radio active wasteland. This will definitely not end well.

Permalink Russian Special Military Operation to Protect Donbass-Live Updates

29 March، 2022

Moscow: Nearly 490,000 refugees from Donbass and Ukraine arrive in Russia.
Russian combat helicopters destroy Ukrainian armored vehicles with guided missiles.
Russian MoD: The Air Force hit 68 Ukrainian military facilities last night and destroyed fuel tanks with cruise
   missiles in Rivne region which used to fuel Ukrainian military equipment operating in the outskirts of Kyiv.
Peskov: NATO is not alliance for cooperation or security, but a confrontation tool.

Ukraine SitRep - Part II Of Russia's Military Operation Unfolds (Moon of Alabama)

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